Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crochet Necklace Variation

I've been looking for a cute pattern to make a crochet accessories and I stumbled upon acommonthread blog. Her blog is really interesting, she has a great sense of fashion and she gives some of her pattern for free. My most favorite pattern from her blog is the crochet bib necklace, especially the one that she made and wear in her blog. I've been tinkering with her pattern and make some other inspiration from her pattern.

This is the crochet bib necklace looks like, it's actually from 3 row of crochet that is join into one big, bold, statement necklace.

If three are too big just make one and it's still looks cute. Kinda look like a lace.

You can also make a beautiful rose from the same pattern, just roll the finished pattern and sew or glue at the bottom part.

If you're interested in making this, just visit acommonthread.

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