Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Favorites


Since it's the last day in October I'm gonna post about my favorite stuff of this month and also my regret if I have any.

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Dark Brown
I'm really bad a doing my eyebrow and this product is great. The color is perfect too!!

The Body Shop Body Bitter Dreams Unlimited
I looovveee this body butter and the smell lingers pretty long too!! I mostly wear this in the afternoon or before bed.

Crochet Friendship Bracelet

Today I'm gonna share a pattern on this super easy friendship bracelet. You can make it in any color and the width and length is adjustable. I made this using two strands of yarn and crochet them together but you can also make it with more than two color, just adjust it with your hook size. More yarns means bigger hook. This bracelet is perfect for beginners who wants to make a quick and easy accessories. The bracelet will look better if your wear several of them together. The pattern that I will use in this post in the pattern using two strands of yarn.

- Two color of your choices of yarn color (I use local cotton yarn)
- Steel crochet hook #5 (3 mm)

Round 1: ch 4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in the remaining ch [3 sc]
Note: if you want to make a wider bracelet just crochet more ch

Round 2: ch 1, turn, and sc in each sc across

Round 3: repeat round 2 until you reach your desired length. Fasten off.

Bracelet Tail:
Cut several pieces of yarn together at your desired length and attach it to the end of each bracelet. After that braid those strands of yarn and when you finish the braid just tie it into a knot and trim the uneven edges. This braided part is use to tie your bracelet.

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
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Rice Bran Oil for Beauty and Health Part 2

Taken from

Rice Bran Oil Benefits:

Taken from

Lowers Cholesterol
Rice bran oil contains gamma oryzanol, a group of ferulate esters of triterpene alcohols and phytosterols that have been linked to many health benefits. Gamma oryzanol is effective in reducing plasma cholesterol and reducing cholesterol absorption, decreasing early atherosclerosis. In addition, gamma oryzanol inhibits platelet aggregation that could lead to blood clots. Rice bran oil contains tocotrienol (a form of Vitamin E) which has been found to inhibit the activity of HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that synthesizes cholesterol, a major factor in heart disease. Some study even shows that the tocotrienol in rice bran oil reduced cholesterol in rats up to 42 percent while lowering LDL cholesterol up to 62 percent.

Taken from

Anti-Cancer Effects
Rice bran oil contains significant levels of both gamma and delta tocotrienols (approximately 500 ppm), forms of Vitamin E, that have been found to be able to accumulate in cancer cells and kill the tumors. In a study conducted at Kyushu University in Japan, researchers looked at the effects of tocotrienols on mouse cancer cells. There was a significant delay in growth in the cancer cells. "Our results suggested that accumulation is critical for the anti-tumor activity of tocotrienols," said Japanese lead researcher, Yuhei Hiura, reporting in "The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry."

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Viva White Hand & Body Lotion Whitening

Halo, kali ini aku mau mereview produk lokal yaitu Viva White Hand & Body Lotion Whitening. Sebetulnya aku beli 2 varian dari produk ini yaitu varian yang mengandung Mulberry dan mengandung Yoghurt tapi yang varian yoghurt udah habis duluan dan aku lupa ambil fotonya. Mengapa tertarik dengan produk ini? Soalnya lagi diskon!! Jadi ceritanya aku lagi nganterin si Mama ke Carrefour, waktu lagi muter-muter di bagian kecantikan terlihatlah label harga kuning-kuning di rak tanda produk diskon. Waktu itu diskonnya jadi IDR 1500 doank!! Kena racun lah diriku untuk mencobanya.

Lotion yang mengandung Ekstrak Mulberry maupun Yoghurt dipercaya dapat menjadikan kulit tampak lebih putih berseri dan merawat kelembaban kulit. Oh ya, satu botol produk ini isinya 100ml jadi cukup banyak juga untuk harganya yang murah. Apalagi aku belinya dengan harga diskon.

Rice Bran Oil for Beauty and Health Part 1

Image taken from

For a long time, there has been a tradition in Japan that women rub rice bran in or put rice bran oil on their face to keep their skin smooth. It was a tradition and people don’t know the real reason why rice bran or rice bran oil is effective in keeping skin smooth but it is thought that it relates to the functions of minor components of rice bran oil. These women, having smooth and shiny skin, are called “Nuka-Bijin” “Bran Beauty” in English.

Rice bran oil is obtained from the husk of paddy and consists of embryo (germ) and endosperm of Oryza sativa family Graminae. You can obtain this oil as a byproduct in rice mill during polishing of rice after dehusking. Rice bran oil is known for its high smoke point of 490 degrees F (254 degrees C), making it suitable for healthy cooking methods, such as the stir frying and deep frying made popular by Asian countries. Because of its healthy fat composition being 47 percent monounsaturated, 33 percent polyunsaturated and 20 percent saturated, rice bran oil provides many health benefits. That makes it the oil of choice for improving serum cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular disease.It is considered by some to be the “worlds healthiest edible oil” containing many vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients.  It is also trans fat free. Studies have shown it can help lower cholesterol, enhance the immune system and fight free radicals.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Mu Touch Goat's Milk Shower Cream with Green Tea

Today I'm gonna post a review on a shower cream that I've been using for several months. It's Mu Touch Goats Milk Shower Cream with Green Tea. I choose the one with Green Tea since I love green tea, and off course green tea is good for your skin. Don't forget about the nice fragrance of green tea too!!

I forgot how much it cost but I think it's around $5 (IDR 50.000) for 1 liter (1000 ml)!! Sometimes when Gurdian is having a discount you can get this shower cream for up to 30% discounted price too!!

Tutorial: Recycled T-Shirt Necklace and Bracelet

Good evening fellas....

I've been running errands since this morning and it took longer than I expected so this post is been abandon since morning. This time I'm gonna make a tutorial on recycled t-shirt necklace and bracelet. The tutorial is pretty easy, I think anyone can make this neat accessories. No sewing, no gluing, just scissors and your hand.


The reason behind this idea is when I wear my favorite t-shirt and go to bed, I notice the day after that the neckline seam is ruin. 


Notice the protruding yarn??

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Crochet Granny Square Earrings and Some Side Stories....

Good evening fellas...

I haven't post anything for a few day because I've been to Solo for Hari Raya Haji. It's kinda my family tradition to meet at Solo for Hari Raya Haji each year. So it's OK to not meet any other family at Idul Fitri because we will eventually meet at Solo for Hari Raya Haji.

The one in the picture is actually made from leftover yarn and I made it pretty fast too in less than an hour. Here's the pattern:

- Steel Crochet Hook #4 (2.5 mm)
- Earring Hook
- Steel Ring
- Local Cotton Yarn or any yarn of your choices.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MakeupNista Challenge October: Halloween

Good afternoon....

Today I made up my mind to do makeupnista challenge for this month which is Halloween. I wanted to do it since this morning but nothing have been going well, I got sidetracked by some silly stuff. But finally!! After pondering on what to do or what to make for this challenge I made up my mind!!

Soo... When you think of Halloween you obviously thinking of some scary stuff right?? Of course I did too... But I just can't made up my mind. I have several idea such as...

1. Clown

Image taken from here

I hate clown!! They made me uncomfortable and they are not funny at all. I mean.. Who the hell thinks that clowns are funny!! They have freakishly white skin, sinister smile, weird hair, oversize shoes, and ugly sense of fashion. I always hate clown and I even hate them more when I saw Stephen King's movie of "It" where the villain is a clown. Wanna know what "it" looks like??

My First Philippines Beauty Products Haul

Good day beautiful people!!

It's yet again another super hot day in Jogjakarta, I kinda forget when was the last time it was raining. Although last is pretty cold and I have to curled up behind my blanket, I wake up in sweat because it is so hot in the morning. At first I wanted to fast today and tomorrow since the day after tomorrow is Idul Adha but my gastric acid is acting up so I have to cancel that plan. 

Anyway from the picture above you can see that I did another haul. Yup... I did a lot of haul this month and my wallet is crying right because it's hungry #LOL. I ended up buying this stuff because I've been poison by my friend Inten, she told me that the Philippines kojic acid soaps are awesome!! I've heard a lot that kojic acid is really good to lighten your skin tone and it's used in a lot of whitening products. But main reason why I'm interested in this soap is not because I wanted to look whiter than I am now but because I want to even out my skin tone and reduce some of the dark pigmentation in my skin. The pigmentation are mostly in my arms and legs and it's mostly from bug bites (hate those mosquitoes!!!).

I got all these soap from Baterflai Tat shop, Inten said that she sells a lot of Phillippines products and they are ready stock. Here's what I bought:

Cycleina Organic Kojic Soap

I got this for IDR 70.000 ($7), the reason I'm interested in this soap is because the package is cute and it's pretty big too!!

It's bright orange and bigger than my palm. I have to cut it in several pieces before using it. 

Bevi Kojic Acid Soap

It's super big (140 gr) and the cheaper than the other two kojic soap, I got this at IDR 50.000 ($5).

It's big and bulky and I think it's better to cut this soap too before using it.

Kojic Soap with Glutathione

I got this for IDR 80.000 ($8), it is pretty big too (135 gr).

It's pretty big too and hopefully it won't be too hard to cut.

I got a small bonus too from the soap.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My First Qoo10 Order is Here!!

Yayy!!! After waiting for a week finally my order from is here!! It's from Singapore so it's relatively faster than the other stuff from Korea or China.

The seller put the return address in case the package is undelivered, although I doubt anyone will deliver it back if it don't reach its destination.

Review: C+M Anti-Perspirant DEO Roll-On (Fresh Flower)

Hi!! It's time for another review...

I never made any review on deodorant before but I think it will be interesting though... So the deodorant that I'm gonna review is C+M Anti Perspirant Deo Roll-On in Fresh Flower Fragrance. C+M is a famous French personal and skin care brand with wide range of whitening, suncare, anti allergy, moisturizing, deodorant and acne treatment products. I've used several of their products such as facial wash, eye mask, and of course deodorant.

Dr Poison Ivy's Mega Birthday Giveaway

More giveaway post. I'm trying my luck on several giveaway right now. This giveaway is from Dr Poison Ivy's Beauty Blog and here's what she's gonna give:

1.Cheeky Stamping plates summer collection (26 plates) Go HERE to read the review
2.Sleek i divine bad girl eye shadow palette
3.Etude House total age repair BB cream
4.Glam secrets pastel nail polish collection (5 pieces)
5.MUA pro immaculate palette

To the one with Highest entries will win an assorted cosmetic goodies surprise consisting of:
1.Etude House BB cream sample
2.Etude House Face masks.
3.Lotus Herbal lipstick Of your choice.
4.Maybelline touch blush of your choice.
5.Avon Nail enamel.

The giveaway is open internationally and ends on DEC 18th 2012. Visit her blog here.

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Pink Clouds Giveaway [ended]

Hello... Another Giveaway post!!

I'm gonna post two awesome giveaway from Pink Clouds.

The first one is her buttery giveaway, she's gonna give a Lavender Body Butter from The Bumble Bee Studio. 

Visit the giveaway here.

Her second giveaway is Victoria's Secret Aloha PINK Tropical Juicy Body Mist!!! Both of her giveaway  also available internationally!! Come and visit her here!!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway!!

Yayyy!!! I finally get to do it!!

I've been wanting to host a giveaway for a while but haven't had the right moment and time, but since next month is my birthday I think now will be the right time to do it. 

How many winners?
There will be two winners in this giveaway.

How long is the giveaway?
The giveaway will last from 23 October 2012 to 19 November 2012

When the winner will be announce?
The winner will be announce at my birthday in 21 November 2012 via twitter and blog post. The winners will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.

How do I receive if I won?
Lucky winner will receive my Email once announced on my blog for your mail details, so please provide correct email address. ^^

Is the Giveaway open to everyone?
Unfortunately the giveaway is only open for Indonesian Citizenship, hopefully I'll get the chance to an International one.

Soo.... Curious yet?? Here's what I'm gonna give in this giveaway...

Kay Collection and Masami Shouko Haul

Good day fellas!!

This is my third post of the day... I'm in a bad mood today so I've been making these posts to lighten my mood. Plus this haul post have been delayed for more than a week now because I'm too lazy to edited and uploaded the photos.

So earlier this month I went to Jakarta to visit my grandpa and other family since most of my mom and dad family lives in Jakarta. I think my mom and dad are the only one that's stranded in the far east of Java he he he. Anyway back to the main theme, since I will be in Jakarta for a week I decide that I have to get my hands on those Masami Shouko Brushes that people have been raving about and also offer some help from my fellow bloggers friends from Jogjakarta to get those brushes since it's not always available there. Be prepare to feast your eyes on these haul fellas....

Review: Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner

I'm in a posting mood today so I'm gonna make a few more post. On this post I'm gonna post about Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care (or also known as Golden Repair) Shampoo and Conditioner. I used to use the red one which is Shiseido Tsubaki Shining with Tsubaki EX and super duper loving it!! (forgot to make a review though). Anyway, it is said that the Damage Care Series is an improvement from their Shining Hair series so I thought the result will be better than the red ones. I forgot the exact price for it both for the shampoo and conditioner set I think it's around $20 - $30 (IDR 200.000 - IDR 300.000) depends on the online shop because it's not available in Indonesian store especially in Jogjakarta where I live.

Here are the products features:
  • Made especially for dry, permed, sun-damaged, color-treated and coarse hair, Shiseido's new Golden - Repair line is an everyday solution for healing and maintaining healthy hair.
  • The hair enriching nutrients in camellia oil in a luscious thick conditioner that heals brittle hair, split ends and dryness.
  • Amino acids help strengthen hair from the follicle.
  • The Tsubaki, or Camellia flower, is packed with oleic acids that are extremely compatible with human skin.
  • Excellent for everyday use, and improvements visible in as little as one use.

FOTD: Pretty in Pink

Happy Monday people...

I rarely post fotd so I'm thinking of posting one today, can't sure if it's categorize as one though since it's pretty simple. The theme is pink because I rarely use pink in my daily make-up, I tend to choose peach or coral color. So here goes..

Here's what I use:

- Baviphat Sugar Girl All in One Collagen BB Cream (review here)
- Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer
- The Skin Food Buckwheat Loose Powder in Natural Beige (review here)
- Immortal TWC
- Etude House Golden Ratio Contour Maker
- Bourjois Blusher 

- Pink Eye Shadow from Etude House (forget what kind, I borrow it from my friend he he he)
- Etude House Oh m'Eye Eyeliner in Black
- Maybeline Cat Eye Mascara
- Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Dark Brown

- Ocean Soda Pop Lip Balm Apple (review here)
- NYX Round Lipstick in Paris

- I did my mermaid wave using Tsuyagla Wave 32mm, you can buy it here.

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