Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: Cyleina Organic Kojic Soap

Good Day.... Had your lunch yet?

Today I'm back with a review on a Kojic Soap that I bought last October and have been using it for about 5 weeks or so. I bought this soap for $7 (IDR 70.000) at Baterflai Tat Shop at Facebook and the reason I bought it not because I want to whiten my skin but because I think this will reduce black pigmentation on my knees and elbows and reduce scar pigmentation on my calf.

The picture on the packaging is cute isn't it? Although it's kinda funny that it is a Philippines product.

There's a cruelty free label on the side which means this soap is not tested on animals.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: NYX Round Lipstick in Paris and Vitamin Shade

Good morning....

The weather is kinda nice right now in Jogjakarta but lately it always gets worst around afternoon. It rains heavily and followed with lightnings and thunders which scares the hell out of me. 

So... Today I'm gonna do a review on two lipstick that I purchased a few months ago. I seldom do a review on a lipstick because aside from these two lipsticks that I bought recently, I only has one lipstick from Caring Color and it was a freebie too.... #LOL I prefer to put on lipgloss (only one too... >.<), lip balm, or lip tint on my daily make up.

I bought the lipstick online for $3.3 (IDR 33.000) but I've seen their new counter at Ambarrukmo Plaza lately so that means NYX is already available in Indonesia. I haven't check the price at the counter though but I reckon it will be more expensive. There are two shades that I bought: Paris and Vitamin.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Several Ways of Doing Chizu Saeki Lotion Mask

Hello again...

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate it I took my friends for lunch and we ended up spending 6 hours at the restaurant. Luckily we don't get kick out #LOL.... When you're having fun time really do fly by.. And now I'm waiting for Tintas and Puput to come to my place but unfortunately it's raining since noon and since both of them use motorcycle I kinda doubt that they will continue their plan... Gee... I hope the rain subdue already.

Well... from the post title you'll know that I'm posting about Chizu Saeki Lotion Mask and I'm sure some of you have heard it already. The popular name is Chizu Saeki Method (CSM) or just Lotion Mask. I'm just gonna post a quick introduction on Chizu Saeki and how the lotion mask is usually done, because my main focus on doing this post is on several ways and materials that you can do to make this lotion mask.

Chizu Saeki, a renowned skincare guru in Japan who has worked as a beauty consultant in the beauty industry for 40 years and her most famous method of keeping her skin healthy and youthful is this lotion mask. Lotion? As a mask? Well what it means as a lotion in this mask is NOT a kind of lotion that we normally know. The "lotion" means more of a toner or a watery serum, I think the Japanese refer to toner as a lotion??. Although I also need to remind that the kind of toner/lotion that is best for this method is something with lit­tle or no alco­hol in it, and of course, all nat­ural and with­out arti­fi­cial preser­v­a­tives or syn­thetic fra­grances. 

The more popular method that I know for people doing this method is by doing it with facial cotton and Hada Labo Lotion, but since I don't want to buy another product I just use my favorite emulsion and mix it with water to make a watery emulsion and soak it in whatever mask I use. 

My 1st Method

Here's my basic version on making this mask:

What you need:
- Facial cotton
- Small container to mix the mask concoction
- Emulsion / Essence / Serum
- Water.

Combine water and emulsion. Why? As I said before I don't want to buy another product and just want to use the one I have right now. It's perfectly okay if you wanted to buy the lotion though. I use distilled water and The Skinfood Deep Sea Water Multi Gel, but sometimes I change the combination with other emulsion, serum, and essence that I have, but remember to choose the kinds that blends well with water.

Mix the water and emulsion. I choose to mix them before and not soak the cotton in water first and added the emulsion later like the original version. The reason is because simply I'll use more emulsion and it's a waste of product. It's the same principle anyway (IMHO).

Dip the facial cotton in the container and then peel it. After that you stretch the peeled cotton and put it on your face. 3 cotton is enough for my whole face and I peel each of them in 3 layer. I forgot to take a picture but you'll get the gist of it in this video.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Birthday Giveaway Winner!!

Okay.. After making a bit of heavy post before I'm making this post to lighten up!! Come on... It's my birthday and I should be happy. FYI I know it's so random but I'm trying this yoghurt and turmeric mask that suppose to brighten your complexion and get rid of blemish marks. The Indians use to wear this mask to prepare for their wedding. It felt nice but it's making my face yellow..!!
#LOL... I looks yellow and smells like curry too. There are a few ways of doing this DIY turmeric mask but I'm gonna try it for a week first just in case my face is allergic to it. Anyway there are more that 400 names that enter my giveaway but unfortunately 20% are either fake, cheats or invalid and that kinda a lot if I may say so. Also just as a reminder I'm gonna put the giveaway prize again.

These are the prize for the 1st winner

These are the prize for the 2nd winer

 I've already pick the winner using rafflecopter and.........

Drumm rolls please.......
The 1st winner is.... Defiana Tintas!! Congratz for you girl!!
The 2nd winner is.... Inge Lakawa!! Another congratulations for you!!

Please e-mail me to for more detailed and if you don't contact me in another week I'm gonna pick another winner. So hurry!!!

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Random Rambling

Good morning....

It's actually my birthday today and I only had 4 hours of sleep since my phone won't stop  making noises #LOL and I think it's rude to not answer or reply since they took the time to said happy birthday to me. But since I'm so tired I decided to turn my phone off. Unfortunately I forgot that I set my phone to auto power on at 6 a.m so yeahh... I've been receiving those email, IM, and calls.

So... It's two hours later and I'm still sleepy but can't really sleep again. I've heard it's a bad luck to sleep again in the morning if you've already wake up (forgot where I heard it from though). I made up my mind to really get out of bed and not rolling around in my bed since for some reason it's really cold and rolling in my blanket like a cocoon feels very nice.

I rarely put my thought into a blog or even say what I thought to my friends and family. I'm really introverted person although some people might feel that I'm not. I usually just keep all my feeling bottled up inside and when it burst in just burst real bad. But.... I do make some improvement in the past year, I share more, I said what I want more, I hope I can be less defensive because my defensive mechanism is by making offensive movement and I know that it hurts a lot people and makes me misunderstood.

I mean nobody's perfect right?? And I'm taking baby steps to improve myself and not drown myself in self loathing. Yeahh... I do that a lot.. And now I even blog about it.. But it's better now.. I don't care "too much" of what other people think of me and just wanna keep myself happy. You can't keep restraining yourself because you'll think others will be disappointed in you if you don't be perfect all the time right?? If they care about you they will always be proud no matter what.

Anyway... A lot of things happen to me before my birthday, some good and some bad. The bad thing is my grandfather from my father side pass away this year but I think it will be for the best. It breaks my heart just to see him in his bed like that and I kinda feels guilty not being able to see him more often. But the funny thing that I remember about him is that 2 years ago our family celebrate his 95th!! Birthday, but last year when we celebrate it again the birthday candle is still 95?!?! I mean how old is he anyway?? He said that he doesn't really care and just happy the he can celebrate it with the family. Rest in peace Eyang Kakung.... (I use to call him Eyang Kangkung.. #LOL). The other bad thing is at my grandpa's funeral my stomach feels really hurts and it won't stop even after about a week after that and then I almost past out from the pain. After that I went to the hospital to do urine test and USG, after the USG come out the doctor suspected that I have 2 cystic at my uterus and unidentified liquid in it. Because my family is worried they told me to come back home and do more check up. After that the Obgyn said that he suspected that I have endometriosis and said that it gonna makes me harder to conceive a child. I meann... I'm not married yet and it kinda blows you know...

Right now he prescribed me birth control pills to prevents me from having my period because the only two things that can cure it is by not having your period and by pregnant. Since I'm not married yet the only option of course is taking the birth control pills. But unfortunately I am one of those people who had side effects from taking the pills. I spot all the time since then and it's been 6 month already and it kinda bothers me. Also I have this mood swing all the time... Did it should not happen?? I don't know but I'm still maintaining it though.

Aggghhh enough for the bad stuff. The good stuff is I found some new friends and some real friends that I can open up too. I'm trying to open up myself more and by doing that my friends really do open up to me to and I can feel really close to them and even though I'm having some bad time these good friends can helps me through with it.....

I'm gonna stop typing right now and make a post on my birthday giveaway winner........

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crochet Color Block Necklace Pattern

Good morning fellow yarn lover....

Today I want to share this color block necklace that I made wayy wayyy back... Don't know when exactly but it's when the color block clothing is really popular I think. Anyway.. Since I want to kinda keep up with the trend but don't want to buy another clothes so I'm thinking why not make a color block accessories?? So this necklace is born.

I kinda forget how I made it, since I only made it on the go but I'm gonna share the patter as best as I could. So here goes...

- 3 yarn color ( I use local cotton yarn).
- chain
- ring
- necklace hook ( I don't know the exact name, if you know the name let me now #LOL)
- steel crochet hook (I think it's 2.5 - 3 mm)

The necklace is made from bottom to top. You can actually made it in any length or width that you like by adding more row or chain. You can also made this necklace in several rows of color or even just one color be imaginative!!

[Block 1]
Round 1: Using the 1st color, make 26 ch and make 1 sc from 2nd ch from hook all the way (25 sc)

Round 2: Make 1 ch and sc all the way (25 sc) 8x [8 row]. Fasten off.

[Block 2]
Round 3: Change to 2nd color and join from the left or right side whichever you prefer, but since I made 25 sc I wanted to make a 5 sc space at the center. I attach the 2nd yarn color at the end and since I want to make a 15 sc I 1st made 6 ch and 1 sc at 2nd ch from hook and do 5 sc. After you do 5 sc you will reach the end of the 1st block and just continue making 10 sc at the sc at the block below (15 sc)

Round 4: Make 1 ch and sc all the way (15 sc) 6x  [6 row]. Fasten offf
Round 5-6: Repeat round 3 and 4 with the other ends. Fasten off or you can directly join to 3rd color at the end.

[Block 3]
Round 7: Change to 3rd color from the end. Since I want to make 10 sc I just do 1 ch and 1 sc and 10 more sc from the sc at the block below (10 sc).

Round 8: Make 1 ch and sc all the way (10 sc) 4x [4 row]. Fasten off

Round 9-10: Repeat round 7 and 8 with the other ends. Fasten off.

If you want to make it more sturdy you can block the necklace with corn starch or hair spray. But if you're more lazy like me you can just sew / glue felt fabric at the back, it doesn't have to be felt though any fabric that is quite sturdy and can add more weigh to the necklace can be use.

Just add the chain and the ring at the ends of the necklace and you're necklace is done!!

Visit my online shop Pernak Pernik Sekar if you like ^^


Monday, November 19, 2012

Quick Review: The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Charcoal Nose Strip


Good Evening....

It's raining again tonight in Jogjakarta, I just finished moderating my giveaway entry since there are a lot... I mean A LOT of fake entry or they cheat in their entry. More than 20%!! I think it's a pretty great number. Anyway I just gonna post a quick review on this pore pack / nose strip / nose pack whatever names you choose.

Almost everybody that I know are dealing with stubborn blackhead including myself. Although my blackhead condition is better that last year though, it's still presents but do not look hideous and ugly anymore. My nose is smoother now and when I look in the mirror I don't see any blackhead aor whiteheads protruding from my nose like a porcupine. Anyway I got this nose strip as a bonus when I shop at Intenscorner

The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Charcoal Nose Strip removes all dirt, impurities and blackheads from pores with no mercy. The mud includes pore clear agent and natural mineral which help control the sebum inside the pores and smooth skin.

How to Use:
Wash face, leaving nose thoroughly wet. Remove the clear lining from the smooth side of the strip. Apply across the bridge of the nose, pressing down firmly to ensure maximum contact. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes until the strip has hardened. Slowly peel off strip.

November Giveaway!!!


There's quite a lot giveaway this November including the one that I'm hosting myself he he he... Anyway here's some giveaway that I'm joining for this month.

Sharna's International Giveaway

Even though she's just get better from the flu she host this giveaway!! The prizes are:

     MUA Heaven and Earth Palette
    Yankee Candle Lipgloss "Vanilla Lime"
    2 Impulse Loving Words Body Spray
    So...Sinful Body Spray
    Impulse True Love Body Spray
    Aussie Take The Heat Spray
    Aussie "3 Minute Miracle" Hair Reconstructor
    Aussie "3 Minute Miracle Shine" Conditioner
    Technic "Carnival" Nail Polish
    3 TRESemme Split Remedy Samples
    2 Loreal Full Restore Shampoo Samples
    Loreal Revitalift BB Cream Sample
    Illamasqua Lipstick "Howl"
    Mystery Surprise Beauty Box Includes 10 extra products!

Go here to join.

Tattooed Tea Lady X'Mas International Giveaway

Yayy she's hosting another giveaway and it's an International one too!! The prize are:

A Beauticology gift set with a foot lotion, foot soak crystals and warm, cosy socks! 
A box of Dairy Milk chocolates!
A Rimmel London Kate Moss matte lipstick in shade 107!

Visit here to join, and don't forget it will ends at 25 November 2012.

Oh So Kansas 100 Followers Int'l Giveaway

To celebrate having 100 followers on her blog Julie from Oh So Kansas blog is hosting an International Giveaway!! Wanna what it is?? It's MAC lipstick or eyeshadows and you can pick the color too!! (as long as she can get her hands on it). The giveaway will ends at 28 November 2012 and rules are pretty simple too!! So visit here.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Mask

Good day fellas...!! It's raining heavily in Jogjakarta right now. I was planning on going somewhere but I'm afraid to step out of the comfort of my room.... #LOL But seriously it's like the water just falling from a bucket! And with the lightning and the thunder I made up my mind to stay at home and making this post instead. Hopefully the rains will subdue in a few hours.

Today I'm gonna do a review on my second favorite sleeping mask which is Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Mask. I first got this as a sample and since I love anything green tea I'm thinking that this will be good too. At first I only got one sachet sample but since my favorite seller know that I love this mask she sends me 5 more sachet!! Yayy..!! I don't have to buy the full size he he he...

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping Pack is a sleeping pack with organic Jeju green tea moisture and vitamin particles. It quenches your thirsty skin while you sleep, leaving it supple and clear.

How To Use:
Use in the evening after cleansing and applying toner and moisturizer. Apply an appropriate amount and evenly spread over the entire face, avoiding the eye and lip area, to allow the formula to absorb into your skin. Go to bed and rinse with water the next morning.

Friday, November 16, 2012

DIY Accessories Organizer Tutorial

Good morning!! It's pretty sunny in Jogjakarta...

I wake up with a dizzy feeling because I have a low blood pressure. Luckily it's better now so I made up my mind to make this post. At first I'm not thinking of making a post about it, but my friends wants to see it. So here goes... Oh I have to excuse if the pictures aren't good since I made this in my room and don't have a proper lightning or even camera. >.<

The reason I made this organizer is because I have a bunch of accessories and all of them are jumble up in one place. So when I need to wear them, it just get messy and I ended up not wearing any accessories. I made three types of organizer and you can choose which one do you want to make.


1. Prepare styrofoam board.
First I bought one of those styrofoam board thingy that you can buy at book store. I wanted to use wooden board but I'm so bad with tools. So styrofoam board will do. The one I bought is about 1m x 50cm, and I got it for IDR 4000 ($ 0.4).

2. Prepare the fabric

I got these really pretty fabrics for free and gonna use it to cover up the styrofoam board. Why do I cover it? Because it's cuter that way!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review: Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask


Today I'm gonna do a review about the first sleeping mask that I ever use but funny enough I always forget to make a review about it. Since it's been so long I forgot how much this cost and where do I bought it. I think it was Rie Butik?? And the price is about $9.5 (IDR 95.000) I guess?? I don't know exactly. Anyway like any other Baviphat fruity series, the mask comes in a jar that has a shape of a bright red apple. Talk about cuteness right??

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack helps prevent skin troubles and remove dead skin cells with natural fruit acids. This overnight sleeping pack softens, brightens, and hydrates skin’
Apples contain various fruit acids to remove old dead skin cells in order to soften and brighten skin. Ample amounts of pectin provide excellent moisturizing function.

How to Use:
Apply a proper amount on your face before going to sleep. Rinse it off with luke warm water the next day in the morning.

Since the mask is in a jar, Baviphat provided a small spoon on top of the lid to scoop the mask so it's more hygienic.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Won Some Giveaways!!

I won some giveaways!! Not just one, or two, but three!!! YAY!!! Apparently October and November are my lucky month. I never one any before but now I won three giveaway in a row!! Here's what I won:

Intenscorner Shop Giveaway

This is the first giveaway that I won, she host this giveaway for her loyal customer and I won Etude House Skin Malgem Kit. I love to shop at her because her shop is based in Solo and since it's near Jogjakarta the shipping fee is cheaper. It also helps that she's really nice and friendly. 

I think these are toners and facial cottons, haven't had the chance to try it yet since I always forget about it (Sorry miss Inten >.< ). BTW the cotton is really thin so I'm thinking it will be good for Chizu Saeki Mask.

Asimetris First Giveaway

I saw this giveaway when I'm blogwalking in Indonesia Crafty Blog and interested in joining it. Actually the one that I'm aiming for is the 1st or 2nd price but it's okay. I WON!! 
See my name in #3?? At first I didn't know that I won, but the owner mention me in Twitter telling me that I've won and without further adieu I send them my contact number and address. 

At first I think it was a bag, but it is more of a pouch and there's another gift which is a cute keychain.

Inaku October Giveaway

I also found this blog and giveaway from blogwalking in Indonesia Craft Blog and since the prizes are super cute I join it right away. After waiting for a few weeks I saw these at their blog.
Yayyy!!! I won again!! And it's another bag too!! Funny how lately I got a few bags from my friend and family as a gift.

I won a foody bag and it has cute small pouch with a yummy pattern at the front..

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Review: Tony Moly Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream (Sample)


Today's review is about cleansing cream from Tony Moly which is Tony Moly Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream. Pheewww what a long name for cleansing cream. I never use a cleansing cream before but I think it's about the same with cleansing milk that is more popular in Indonesia.


It has explanation in Korean at the back and I think the picture means beware of the product of getting into your eye?!?! Oh BTW the full jar packaging like sample picture is super cute!!

Image taken from

Cute isn't it? Anyway here's the product description:

Clean Dew Broccoli Sprout Cleansing Cream is a brilliant cleansing care system that brings strong vital power of fresh sprouts with dewy water.

This fresh cleansing cream removes impurities and makeup as it contains the broccoli sprout super food.

The young broccoli cleansing cream makes the skin healthy and revitalized.  Super foods such as the blueberry, tomato and young broccoli provides super energies.  AHA makes the skin smooth and glossy while removing dead skin cells and impurities from the skin.  Also contains young green tea and lavender to energize the tired skin and provide a comfortable and relaxing cleansing process.

What is Broccoli Sprout?

This fresh and green sprout delivers 'full of spring' vitality and is very rich in various nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin C and minerals.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: The Skinfood Deep Sea Water Multi Gel (Brightening)


Hello... Today I'm gonna do a review about a product that I've been using for about 2 months now, it's The Skinfood Deep Sea Water Multi Gel (Brightening). When I first hear about this product I kinda curious since it's in a 300 ml bottle, very big right?? Kinda like mineral water bottle if I may say so. I got it for $16.5 (IDR 165.000) if I'm not wrong since it's been a few months already and I bought it at Intenscorner.

It has some explanation in Korean at the back label but when you peel it there's an English explanation beneath.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pengalamanku Di-ZAP!!

Gambar diambil dari


Sebetulnya post ini sudah agak lama bertengger manis di folder draft aku cuma mood untuk menulisnya masih agak malas he he he. Berhubung ini hari minggu dan aku sedang tidak kemana-mana akhirnya diselesaikanlah post yang tertunda ini.

Jadi pada hari Sabtu tanggal 3 November 2012 lalu aku dan beberapa teman sesama Blogger Jogja mendapat undangan via e-mail untuk mencoba sebuah teknologi hair removal dari ZAP. Karena penasaran dan tertarik akhirnya aku bikin janji untuk melakukan treatment, apalagi treatment yang pertama ini gratis!!

Karena ZAP belum memiliki cabang di Jogja jadinya lokasi treatment sementara berada di Tegal Panggung Guest House. Aku, Arum, dan Monica janjian untuk berangkat bareng dan nantinya akan bertemu dengan Ephong dan Vicky di lokasi. Alasan kita janjian berangkat bareng adalah karena tidak ada yang tahu dimana lokasi Tegal Panggung Guest House sodara-sodara!! Tapi terima kasih kepada embah Google Map akhirnya kita bisa sampai ke lokasi dengan selamat.

Ini dia tempatnya, agak bingung kalau tidak pakai peta dan setelah sampai disana ternyata tempat parkirnya agak sempit. Untung mobilku imut-imut jadinya tidak makan tempat dan bisa parkir agak mepet.

My Skin Care and Make-Up Shelf

Happy Sunday fellas...!!

One of my reader asks me to post about my dressing table, but since I live in a boarding house and don't have a dressing table I'm gonna post about my skin care and make-up shelf. I don't have any method or anything in organizing this shelf just putting the one that I use the most where it's easier to reach and put the stock pile in the bottom shelf.

The first shelf is where I put my glasses, jewelry and eye shadow and blusher case.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Early November Haul and My 2nd Package from Qoo10 is Here!!

Last weekend I saw a twitter from D'eyeko Falses Eyelashes that I will get one free false eyelashes if I redeem their coupon at their counter in Galeria Jogjakarta, and they also has a promo that if I bought two false eyelashes I will get another one for free. So I'm thinking if I bought two false eyelashes I will get two more false eyelashes for free right?? 

So I print my coupon and brought it to their counter in Galeria, but since the coupon only valid for 20 first customer that redeem it I'm thinking of getting there early so I don't miss my spot. Luckily I'm the second one so I still got the lashes for free. Here's what I bought

The two on the left are what I bought and two on the right are free. Here's more detailed pictures:

Cherrybelle You are Beautiful for $5 (IDR 50.000)

Cherrybelle Love is You for $5 (IDR 50.000)

D'eyeko Lengthening No. 149, this is the one that I got from buying the 2 Cherrybelle's false eyelashes. Forgot how much it is though.

D'eyeko Natural Volume No. 154, this is the one that I got for free from the coupon.