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Review: Etude House Dear Darling Tint in #02 Real Red and #04 Vampire Red

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This time I'm gonna review my other favorite lip tint beside Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint which is Etude House Dear Darling Tint!! I admit I have a love hate relationship with lip tint because they tend to accentuate my lips line and make my lips dry but that problem didn't occur at all with the Tony Moly Lip Tint but unfortunately the lip tint only looks one color on my lips and I want another color. So finally I come across this lip tint from Etude House, I was interested in this particular lip tint because it comes in a gorgeous range of red and lately I am into red lips. image

Jelly lip tints help give a natural flush of colour with a moist finish.

Contains 4.5 gr.
Lightweight, clear, plastic tube.
Bright, Vibrant, long-lasting color.
Fruit extract & neon tint.
Mineral and Pomegranate extract with Vitamin C.

Use tip to gather and apply tint. Apply extra layer for added coverage and color.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint comes in a sturdy clear plastic tube that fits for traveling. The twist handle has pretty metallic lilac color and I'm happy to say I don't experience and leaking problem!!

Etude House Dear Darling Tint has a doe foot applicator and the spongy tip is very smooth so it didn't prick my lips and it also has a slanted design to make it easier for me to apply the lip tint. IDK if it because the lip tint consistency or the slanted design but sometimes the tip picks up too much product so I have to scrape off some of it first.

Texture / Consistency:
This lip tint has jelly consistency and not watery, maybe that's why it didn't leak easily?? This type of lip tint supposed to give the lips a vibrant color and moist finish and for that I have to agree. This lip tint does have a great color payoff and didn't make my lips dry unlike the watery type that has great color but makes lips dry or the milky tint that didn't make the lips dry but has bad color payoff. BTW this lip tint has a sweet cherry scent and bittersweet taste to it.

The color payoff depends on how I apply it though. If I let the product settle for a few moment before I spread it the colors gonna look very vibrant but if I spread it directly it's gonna look less but still quite bold though. I let the product settle in the swatches picture above. The #02 Real Red turns out a very pretty natural red and the #04 is a dark red (my favorite of the two!!). I think I look sexier with the Vampire Red though #LOL....  

The Liptint:
For some reason though this lip tint never applies evenly on my lips even after I exfoliate before I put the lip tint on. You can see from the picture above that the color looks patchy on some different area on my lips and that problem happen each time I reapply. Some patch still have vibrant color so when I reapply they get uneven, I usually prevent this by rubbing my lips with tissue before reapplying and always make sure I reapply while looking at a mirror otherwise it's gonna look weird. The unevenness doesn't really noticeable from afar though and that's why I think it's still tolerable albeit slightly annoying. Also the patchy problems is mostly occurs on the top lip for some reason unknown so if I want an even look I usually use another lip tint but I didn't do it often.

Oh for gradient lips or uljjang lips lover I think they are gonna love this lip tint because this lip tint tends to settle in the middle part of the lips in a gradient effect no matter how much I apply it. From the picture above you can see that my middle lips is more vibrant than the outer lips right? It's not intentional... I put the lip tint on my whole lips but then the color settles that way. So for uljjang lips lover this lip tint will work like magic!! . As for the longevity I admit that this lip tint last quite long too, it stays for about 4 hours with eating and drinking. I know that lip tint can also be applied on the cheeks but I haven't try it.

FOTD With #02 Real Red:

FOTD With #04 Vampire Red:

What I Like:
- Affordable.
- Vibrant color.
- Didn't make my lips dry.
- No leaking problem.
- Long lasting.

What I Don't Like:
- Patch problems.

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  1. yang real red , segeeer banget warna nya mba^^

  2. cantiknyaaaaa. aku punya jg yg no 4 hehehe

  3. cakep mbak..I really love red lips. yg vampire red ternyata kurang gelap ya..
    my blog : http://randomandquick.blogspot.com/

    1. Warnanya build able kok say menurutku. Klo lebih gelap suka di liatin org lol

  4. cakep sekar,, bibirmuh pink c. jadi jatohnya bagus banget si real red. Di aku ga seseger itu..
    hhi. thx for review,

    1. Makasii
      Penasaran sama yg orange red juga tadinya

  5. The shade looks really pretty on you <3 I love lip tint!


  6. i love this lip tint color.. i hope i can find it here in Manila

    1. I'm sure you can find it at ├ętude house counter girl

  7. Replies
    1. Dear Darling Tint Range has a gorgeous color!!

  8. i cannot decide which color to choose , either real red or vampire red .



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