Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review: Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in 03 Rose Petal

Happy Weekend fellas...!!

I hope you're gonna have a great weekend I hope I'll have a good weekend too because my brother said he has a slight fever and that worries me a lot. I ask him to come to my place so I can take care of him but he said no . Well he lives in a boarding house full of doctors so maybe he has a better chance of getting better but still it slightly hurts... Oh well... rather than wallowing in self loathing which is a bad habit that I sometimes do let's make a review post instead!! Today's review is about one of my favorite Blusher and I always found myself reaching for this baby whenever I'm confused on which blusher shade to use #LOL #firstworldproblem

The Shimmer Duo Blusher pairs matte and shimmer shades to illuminate your features. The matte blush can be used for shading and contouring, whilst the shimmer shade can be used for highlighting. When used together, you can see an instant glow on your face at once. Its ultra-fine texture makes blending a dream. Oil-free and fragrance-free.

DIY: Lemon Sugar Scrub

Kalau sering mampi kesini mungkin sudah tahu kali ya kalau saya suka dengan yang namanya DIY atau Do-It-Yourself. Nah sekarang saya mau berbagi resep tentang cara membuat DIY Lemon Sugar Scrub. Apa itu Sugar Scrub? Sesuai namanya Sugar Scrub itu adalah Scrub atau lulur yang terbuat dari gula. Cara buatnya amat sangat gampang dan bahan-bahannya pun cukup mudah didapat. Kenapa saya pilih Lemon? Karena Lemon sering ada di kulkas saya dan Lemon itu memiliki bleaching properties atau mampu mencerahkan daerah yang gelap. Jadi harapannya kalau rajin luluran pakai ini daerah kulit saya yang gelap seperti siku, lutut dan bekas luka lainnya bisa lebih pudar gituuhh....

Waktu saya post gambar ini di Instagram saya banyak yang nyangka kalau ini adalah es serut! He he tapi wanginya memang fresh dan yummy banget!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Longer and Thicker Lashes with Castor Oil

I think most woman nope... Scratch that... ALL woman want's longer, thicker and fuller lashes right? There's a lot of Eye Lash Serum out there in the market and the price range is sometimes too fantastic and definitely way over budget. I've seen one with a USD100 price tag!! R U FREAKIN KIDDING ME!! It's too expensive!! Well if you're looking for a longer or thicker lashes you can try Castor Oil!! Castor Oil or "Minyak Jarak" has been used to treat hair loss and I use it myself for oil cleansing and hair treatment. Here's how my eye lashes look after using Castor Oil.. I forgot how long it took but I reckon it's more than a month.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Food: Spaghetti Tomato Basil

Hi kemarin kan udah bagi resep Spaghetti Bolognese yang aslinya somewhat gagal dari yang tadinya mau bikin Spaghetti Tomato Basil. Nah kali ini saya mau share resep Tomato Basil Sauce yang sukses bikinnya he he he....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

At first I was going to make Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil but I don't read the recipe carefully and it ended kinda weird. So I have to make a modification into a Bolognese Sauce instead.

Tadinya saya mau membuat Spaghetti dengan Saus Tomat dan Kemangi tapi karena tidak membaca resepnya dengan baik hasilnya jadi agak aneh. Akhirnya saya modifikasi saus yang gagal tadi menjadi Saus Bolognese.

Food: Sop Ceker Pedas

Sebelumnya saya belum pernah masak ceker, cuman waktu ke Bonnet liat ceker ayam kok udah bagus dan bersih jadinya beli deh.... Kata temen saya yang orang Korea waktu saya kirim gambar masakan ini mirip dengan hidangan Korea yang namanya "Dakdoritang". Kebetulan juga saya membuat ini dengan menggunakan "Gochujang". Gochujang itu seperti saus sambal Korea gitu deh. Saya beli ini di Ranch Market tapi liat juga di Hypermart. Kalau belum tahu Gochujang seperti ini berikut penampakannya.

Revew: Etude House XOXO Minnie in The Nails #6 Minnie Black Face Nail Polish Review

What's up my beautiful friend? Looking real good I'll bet!  

So today I'm gonna add another nail polish review and it's one of the nail polish that I've been very excited about when it first come out in the market. It's the Etude House Minnie Collection Nail Polish!! I've actually ordered 2 nail polishes, 1 glitter and 1 highlighter from the Etude Minnie Collection but there's been a mixed up and the highlighter got broken in pieces. Well... Not pieces... It turns to powder!! Apparently the highlighter is very fragile. I got a refund for it and I've also pressed the highlighter but it doesn't look pretty. Anyway here's what it looks like...

It came in a glass bottle and doncha think the Minnie head on the cap is cute!!

Detox dengan Teh Parsley

Parsley Tea atau Teh Parsley? Apaan tuh? Asal mula saya tahu tentang teh yang satu ini adalah melalui salah satu akun Instagram yang fokus tentang masalah jerawat dan cara-cara alami mengatasi jerawat. Nah di akun tersebut ada yang komentar kalau kulit dia dan saudara perempuannya bersih sejak mengkonsumsi Teh Parsley dan Teh ini berfungsi untuk mendetoksifikasi ginjal dan hati. Nah… Jerawat ternyata adalah salah satu gejala dari malfungsi hati. Well…. Karena Parsley ini juga mudah didapat tidak ada salahnya juga saya mencobanya. Oh ya sebagai info Parsley ini disebut juga Peterseli dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Sebelum memulai untuk mencoba teh yang tidak biasa ini, saya seperti biasa mulai mencari info melalui Mbah Google. Ternyata ada banyak sekali manfaat dari teh ini dan pada post kali ini saya terutama akan membahas mengenai manfaat dari Teh Parsley untuk kulit saja. Untuk manfaat teh ini pada kesehatan, rambut dan lain-lain bisa mencoba Tanya Mbah Google yaa . 

Manfaat Parsley Untuk Kulit:

Review: GlutaMAX Lightening Soap with Glutathione

Hello there... 
It's pretty late at night but I I can't seem to close my eyes so I'm gonna make a new blog post instead. It's another Whitening Soap from Philippines called GlutaMAX Lightening Soap with Glutathione. Glutathione is also one of the popular ingredient for whitening products like Kojic Acid and Arbutin and it's also a powerful anti-oxidant.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recipe: Tumis Tauge Boncabe

Tauge adalah salah satu bahan masakan favoritku, persiapannya gampang dan masaknya juga cepat. Jaman masih ngekost dulu paling suka kalau bikin mie instant dikasi tauge. Seru aja gitu makan mie kenyal ada renyah taugenya. Selain tauge satu makanan lagi yang aku suka banget adalah Abon Cabe atau Boncabe!! Dulu nyobain ini di rumah teman dan sekarang jadi abon favoritku dan abon ini adalah penyelamat jiwaku waktu Umrah dulu. Kenapa? Waktu Umrah makanan disana kurang begitu cocok sama lidahku, untung ada si Abon Cabe. Setiap kali makan ditaburi abon dan makanan apapun jadi enak dan rasanya bisa lumayan cocok dengan lidahku. Udah berasa kayak bumbu masakan ajaibnya si Doraemon aja nih hi hi hi. Nah... Dua bahan makanan favorit digabung jadi satu pasti makin sip... Makanya kali ini aku mau bagi resep Tumis Tauge Boncabe!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Recipe: Orak-Arik Daging Cincang

Resep yang satu ini khas masakan anak kost banget!! Bentuknya sih kurang seru tapi rasanya enak he he he... Dulu jaman ngekost sering masak ini, apalagi jaman gag punya kompor bisa langsung masak ini di rice cooker karena aku malas masak di dapur kost.

Recipe: Seafood Stir Fried (Broccoli and Shrimp with Oyster Sauce)

This is a super simple stir-fried recipe and whenever I cook this my brother seems to never stop eating #LOL. I got a lot of good feedback to when I put the picture on IG.

Ini adalah resep masakan tumisan yang sangat simpel dan setiap kali aku buat ini, adeku rasanya gag bisa berhenti makan #LOL.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Review: Mizzu Power Volume Waterproof Mascara

Berhubung lagi mood dan ada waktu nambah lagi deh satu review produk maskara lokal aja deh. Sebelumnya aku sudah pernah membuat review tentang brand ini namun dengan produk yang berbeda yaitu Eye Liner. Kali ini gantian aku mau review Mascara dari Mizzu.

Review: Tony Moly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream #1 Cotton Beige

Hello there....

This time I want to review a light BB Cream that has been my daily staple. It's Tony Moly Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream!! The one that I got is in Cotton Beige shade and I think it's the only one that's available.

BB for clean and fresh skin like cotton without a darkening effect and troubles!! It helps to maintain soft and clean skin tones with light and thin application textures by perfectly covering blemishes without sticking. Soft, Fresh and Powdery finish texture. It helps to make sleek skin textures by effectively covering pores and fine wrinkles. Contains a Centella asiatica, Witch Hazel and Portulaca Oleracea extracts for low stimulus, a soothing effect and trouble care.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Recipe: Easy Pasta and Pesto ala Sekar

I've always like Pasta and prefer a more meaty or herby mix in a pasta rather than a creamy one. That's why I'm not a fan of white sauce or cheese sauce with pasta. My favorite kind of pasta is undoubtedly the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio but in case I haven't share before my second favorite Pasta sauce is Pesto sauce. Pesto sauce is made from a combination of  Basil, Ground Nuts (I like Pine Nuts or Almond), Garlic, Black Pepper, Parmesan Cheese and Olive Oil. The problem is.... The sauce is a bother to make!! I have all the other ingredients ready most of the time but as for the nuts I cannot bought it in a small amount and since I don't eat nuts all the time I don't know any other way to use them #LOL. So I went to Ranch Market and I saw this....
McCormick Pesto Sauce Mix!!
So I grab it and headed home to cook some Pasta and Pesto!!

Serve: 4 People

8 ounces pasta, I only have macaroni at the time
1 package McCormick® Pesto Sauce Mix
1/2 cup water
3 tablespoons Olive Oil
6 Garlic
Dried basil
Black Pepper

  1. Cook pasta as directed on package. Drain well.
  2. Heat oil in a saucepan, add minced garlic  and cook until it smells good.
  3. Add Sauce Mix and water until well blended. Cook on medium heat 1 minute or until heated through, stirring occasionally.
  4. Since the mixture is quite salty I don't want to add more salt. I add more dried basil to make it look more "homemade".
  5. Toss with pasta. Sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, if desired.

It looks really green prolly because I use green plate too >.<!. But it taste really good!!
See you on my next easy recipe ^^

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Recipe: Stir Fried Chayote and Enoki With Teriyaki Sauce (Tumis Labu Siam dan Jamur Enoki Saus Teriyaki)

At the beginning of making this dish I actually wanted to use Oyster Sauce because I though the sweetness of Chayote will go nicely with the slight saltiness of Oyster Sauce. But did I do? I pic the wrong bottle and pour Teriyaki Sauce instead. I thought for sure this is gonna taste weird but my brother gobble it all up and said it was good. So I though why not share the recipe anyway he he he

(Pada awal membuat masakan ini aku maunya menggunakan Saus Tiram karena kupikir rasa manis dari Labu SIam bakalan cocok sama asinnya Saus Tiram. Tapi apa yang terjadi? Aku salah ambil botol dan malah menuang Saus Teriyaki. Kupikir rasanya bakalan aneh tapi rupanya semua habis ludes dimakan sama adikku dan kata dia enak. Jadi kubagi aja ya resepnya disini he he he).

Ingredients (Bahan-Bahan):
1 Chayote (1 Labu Siam)
1 Pack of Enoki Mushroom (1 Bungkus Jamur Enoki)
4 Garlic (4 Bawang Putih)

Seasoning (Bumbu):
Salt (Garam)
Pepper (Merica)
Sugar (Gula)
Teriyaki Sauce (Saus Teriyaki)

How to Cook (Cara Memasak):
  1. Peel and slice the Chayote thinly in a matchstick cut. (Kupas dan potong Labu Siam tipis-tipis seperti korek api).
  2. Throw the Enoki roots and random cut it. (Buang akar Enoki dan potong acak).
  3.  Cut the garlics (Potong Bawang Putih).
  4. Heat oil. (Panaskan minyak)
  5. Add Garlic and then Chayote. (Masukkan bawang putih lalu kemudian masukkan labu siam).
  6. Add around 70cc of water and simmer until the water has been reduced. (Tambahkan sekitar 70cc air dan masak dalam api kecil sampai airnya berkurang).
  7. Add the Enoki Mushroom and seasoned with Salt, Pepper, Sugar and Teriyaki Sauce. I don't have the exact measurement because I usually just eyeball it every time I cook. Just add little by little and taste the cooking as you go. (Tambahkan Jamur Enoki dan bumbui dengan Garam, Merica, Gula dan Saus Teriyaki. Aku tidak punya takaran pastinya karena setiap masak biasanya hanya kira-kira aja. Sebaiknya tambahkan bumbu sedikit demi sedikit sambil dicicipi).
  8. Finished and served with hot steaming rice!! (Selesai dan sajikan dengan nasi panas!!)

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Haul: March 2014


I was running errands earlier this afternoon and it finally rains!! It's been crazy hot in Surabaya for the past week. I mean even at night it's 35C!!! The AC seems to get beaten by the heat too. Anyway.... Just a quick post on last month haul and I think I didn't bought too many. My electric bill is blasting through the roof because of the AC abuse so I had a lot of thing to take care. Blahh... Stop babling girl! The reader's do not wanna know about your stupid electric bills. So here goes...

Review: Luxury Home Spa Brightening Cream


Maafkeun diriku yang sudah lama absen posting. Entah kenapa ada banyak hal yang terjadi bulan kemarin jadinya aku tidak bisa posting sesering yang aku. I got a minor problem here and there and maybe some minor depression which make me don't wanna do anything. Errpp.... Malah curcol gini sih...!! Eniwey pokoknya hari ini aku kembali lagi dan mau review produk lokal nih. Belinya udah lumayan lama memang tapi karena proses penggunaannya memakan waktu yang cukup lama jadinya baru bisa aku posting sekarang deh. Apa itu?

Luxury Home Spa Brightening Cream

Tadinya krim ini dijual satuan dan kalau beli 2 buah dapat bonus White Spa Body Scrub seperti gambar di atas. Berhubung udah abis 1 jadi yang kefoto cuma 1 Blueberry Brightening Cream dan 1 White Spa Body Scrub. Kalau sekarang Luxury Home Spa sudah menjual produk ini menjadi Brightening Spa Set yang terdiri dari 1 Blueberry Brightening Cream dan 1 Blueberry Brightening Scrub.

Apa itu Brightening Spa?