Saturday, November 30, 2013

Who's The Winner Of My Second Birthday Giveaway?


Sorry it took this long for me to post the giveaway winner. I've been having yet another connection problem and for some reason I can't access rafflecopter website too. I wonder why?? So I guess you're excited right!! The winners are....!!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

2NE1 Falling in Love Inspired Make-Up Collaboration

Miss me yet? Well it's only been a week so I guess that's not really a long time right? But... I'm back with a make-up collaboration!! What it is? Well basically it's a collaboration on a make-up look with another blogger. The other bloggers are Cinta, Luci and Jessi  and we decided to do a collaboration on 2NE1'a Falling in Love MV and each of us will do a look that's inspired from how the member on the MV. I got CL, Luci got Minzy, Cinta got Park Bom and Jessi got Dara. 

To tell you the truth when I hear that I got CL from the lottery (Yeah we drew a lottery to make it fair...) I was nervous because CL is super bad ass and I'm... Well... I'm just me... This is how she looks in the MV. She's quite tan and has a long wavy hair and a side bangs too. I wanna put a fake mole too at first but since I had quite number of mole on my face #LOL I skip the fake mole part.

And..... Without further adieu here's my best CL inspired look and if you're interested in a tutorial I'm gonna make one in another post he he he....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Etude House CC Cream in Silky and Pure Make-Up Tutorial

I'm in a mood of making another review for today but it's not another lippie stuff and I know I've made a decision to make a theme review but since it's almost runs out I decided to make a review about it. It's Etude House Correct and Care Cream in Silky type. Why I choose Silky? Well as much as I love a dewy look I've tried my friend's CC Cream in Glow before and I don't really like it. It makes me look too oily and it doesn't has any coverage. Silky gives more coverage (albeit light one) and has a matter finish.

About Etude House CC Cream:
CC Cream is a term for Correct & Care. It supposedly gives skincare and makeup effect at once for instant skin color tone correcting and skin condition care. The concept is 8-in-1 Multi-function daily application cream formulated with Rock Rose extract supplies natural corrective care coverage and skin protection.

Makeup Function:
- Brightening, Tone Correction
- Smooth, Even Coverage
- Wrinkle Coverage
- Complexion Glow Coverage

Skincare Function: 
Antioxidant Anti-Aging Care
Complexion Care Coverage
Moisture Care
UV Protection Care

Review: NYX Round Lipstick in Femme and Strawberry Milk

Yet another lippie review tonight and it's gonna be a review on the ever so popular NYX Round Lipstick!! I have two shades that I'm gonna review and they are Femme and Strawberry Milk. FYI I had bittersweet feeling regarding the NYX Round Lipstick. Why?? Well they have a crazy shade of color. I mean they has 144 shades!!!! Those pretty color always attracts me but sometimes different shade of color has different shade of quality regarding the texture, longevity and pigmentation. I really wonder why??

About NYX Round Lipstick:
NYX Round Lipstick is smooth and moisture with every application! With 144 shades available, NYX round lipstick is is a velvet-textured lip cream that covers the lips with rich color that smoothes and moistures lips with each application. NYX Round Lipstick is NYX's best selling lipstick and one ifs topsellers.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Jordana Matte Lipstick in Tangerine Tango

Continuing with some previous theme which is Lippie Stuff today I'm gonna review another lip product and it's gonna be a Matte Lipstick!! I've never own or interested in matte lipstick before because my lips gets dry very easy and from what I heard Matte Lipstick tend to dries your lips until one day I saw Jordana Matte Lipstick on discount at Cherry Culture!! The price was soo cheap so I think that I have nothing to loose right? If I don't like it I can give it to my mom or preloved it. Onto the review than shall we??

About Jordana Matte Lipstick:
  • Opaque Matte Coverage.
  • Non-Drying, Comfortable.
  • Long Wearing & Non-Feathering.
  • Velvety-Smooth Feel.
  • Made In USA

Friday, November 15, 2013

Review: NYX Butter Gloss (Peach Cobbler, Cherry Cheese Cake and Cherry Pie)

I'm trying to write a series of review on a lip products that I own so several of my upcoming review will have a lip theme to it and my next review will have a blusher, highlighter, eye shadow or eye liner theme so keep waiting for my update okay!! So continuing from yesterday's lippie review today's review will also about lip product which is NYX Butter Gloss!! The reason I was interested in the Butter Gloss because I've tried NYX Lip Creme before and even though I really like the color they kinda make my lips dry and I hate that it stains my teeth sometimes so I though the Butter Gloss won't do that kinda stuff.

About NYX Butter Gloss:
Add a little more sweetness to your lips with a touch of the Butter Lip Gloss available in 12 scrumptious colors! Get creamy sheer to medium coverage on your lips without that sticky sensation.

I think the packaging is kinda cute and I really like how it has a matching color with the gloss inside. That way I won't have to open it too see the color inside. It's made of plastic and has a doe foot applicator. Each tube contains 0.23 oz (6.5 g) of product.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color


I finally had the time to take pictures so today I'm gonna review a lippie products from LA Girl called LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color. This lipstick is not only pigmented but the price is quite cheap!! I'm kinda amaze how good it is fu fu fu... If only they have more color I might even prefer this one than NYX Round Lipstick.. FYI I'm not really a lipstick person and I generally prefer lip tint but lately those beautiful lipstick colors keep tormenting me to try them on... I have six shades of this lipstick and they are Fling, Forbidden Love, Secret Admirer, Infatuated, Endless Kisses and Pure Ecstasy.

About LA Girl Luxury Creme Lip Color:
Ultra rich lip colors, applies on silky smooth for the softest, sexiest lips ever. Luxury Creme Lipstick delivers ultra rich colors in a lightweight formula. Its blend of moisturizing ingredients of aloe, she butter & vitamin E enhances lips, leaving a smoother, healthier feel. Glides on effortlessly with the slant tip, for a flawless, even coverage. It has 24 colors in total.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time to Clean My Brushes and DIY Brush Spot Cleanser

It's time for me to cleanse my brush so I might show you guys how I cleanse my brush and I also gonna show you my DIY brush spot cleanser that I use cleanse my brush after I put on my makeup. I did the thorough brush cleansing every one or two weeks depending on how dirty my brush is he he he...

Uwahhhh... Take a look at those dirty brushes!!

This is what I use to cleanse my brush. I bought it because it's BOGOF and was gonna use it for the dishes (which I did) but then I try to use it to cleanse my brushes instead of the usual shampoo and it turns out great!! It cleanses well, keep the bristles soft and smells really good too!!

Review: Sariayu Shimmering Powder


I haven't been able to blog for about a week because of connection problem but since this afternoon the connection is apparently quite well so before it gets slow again I'm gonna do a quick post. Today's post is a review on Sariayu Shimmering Powder and Sariayu is a local brand that I think has a very good quality and great price too!!

Sariayu Shimmering Powder comes in a compact plastic case with a small kabuki brush. I've thrown away the box but the powder comes with a small plastic case to keep the powder and the brush together.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: Papulex Oil Free Cream

I finally make another review on this great moisturizer that I've been using for almost six months now and also have been repurchasing it too!! It's Papulex Oil Free Cream. So what is Papulex? Papulex is a range of an acne care products from France that is specially formulated products for acne-prone akin and has been clinically demonstrated to be effective for all forms of acne! The Papulex line of products cleanses, protects and keeps acne-prone skin in good condition. It contains three key ingredients; Nicotinamide, to calm red and irritated skin, Zinc PCA to help control oily skin and maintain the skin in good condition and an antibacterial substance (ABA) to help clear blemishes. The three ingredients work together to help calm, control and clear acne-prone skin and address the three root causes of acne; (i) Bacterial colonization, (ii) Inflammation of the affected area, (iii) Excess sebum.

Tidy Up Those Annoying Cables With DIY Cable Tie (Crochet Cable Tie)

I have this problem with gadget.. You see... I have all these stuff and all of these gadget charger and all of it just gets tangled up like crazy. I even broke one of my USB cable charger because the cable always getting tangled on my charger pouch and I kinda yank it and the cable plug fell off . Not to mention all my gadget have different plug so I tend to carry several cable for charging and add that with another earphone in it my pouch was a mess inside. I use to use one of those wire tie to tidy up my cable but I always loose them, same thing happen when I use rubber band or worse I bought several cable tie and all of them are missing now. I don't like to use that wire tie thingy or rubber band cos they look ugly but I don't want to keep buying cable tie either. So what did I do? I crochet them!! Why didn't I think about it sooner!!

I'm still experimenting so I made several kinds of cable tie. There's one with a small button clasp, one with a crochet button (a regular button is fine too BTW) and another where I sew the cable tie onto the cable itself so I won't loose it ever again!! 

Recipe: Egg Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce

Today I'm gonna show you yet another super easy comfort food that I like to make. It's Egg Tofu with Teriyaki Sauce and until I never get bored with this one. It's fast and easy to make and didn't take a lot of time to prep either. The ingredients are easy to find unlike my previous kare raisu where the kare itself is sometimes a bit hard to find. So let's get cooking!!!

Egg Tofu
Minced Beef
1/4 Onion

Teriyaki Sauce
Olive Oil

Recipe: My Basic Chili Seasoning (Bumbu Cabai Dasar)

Today I wanna share about my basic chilli seasoning and from my previous food posts you'll probably notice that I tend to make my cooking spicy right? Why I like mine spicy? Well I spends most of my childhood in Manado, North Sulawesi where the people there put basically chili in everything and that pretty much develops my taste buds at fiery food. I made this basic chili seasoning mostly because I don't like to cut chili every time I cook and at first I only process the chili with a handheld food processor but my mom suggest that I add salt in it to make the chili paste last longer and that's where it begin. I add garlic and shallot in the paste too for a basic cooking seasoning. This basic chili seasoning is very versatile I can add it to fried rice, noodle, stir fried and soup.

Hari ini aku mau berbagi resep untuk bumbu cabai dasar dan kalau kamu suka melihat post-post aku yang sebelumnya kamu mungkin menyadari kalau aku cenderung membuat masakanku pedas bukan? Kenapa aku suka pedas? Yah.. Aku menghabiskan sebagian besar masa kecilku di Manado, Sulawesi Utara dimana orang-orangnya hampir selalu menggunakan cabai dalam makanannya dan akhirnya mengembangkan seleraku pada segala pedas. Bumbu cabai dasar ini aku buat karena aku tidak suka memotong cabai setiap kali aku masak dan pada awalnya hanya diproses biasa dengan food processor tapi kemudian si Mama bilang kalau sebaiknya ditambahkan garam supaya cabainya lebih awet. Kemudian akhirnya aku tambahkan juga bawang putih dan bawang merah ke dalam adonan tersebut. Bumbu dasar ini sangat fleksibel dan aku biasa menambahannya ke nasi goreng, mie, tumisan dan sop.

Here's the ingredients list: | Berikut bahan-bahannya:
 - Cayenne Pepper | Cayenne Pepper
- Garlic | Bawang Putih
- Shallot | Bawang Merah
 - Salt | Garam
- Olive Oil | Minyak Zaitun

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Review: Biore Make Up Remover Cleansing Oil

I've been wanting to do a review on this cleansing oil for months now but for some reason I haven't?!?!?! I kinda wonder why though cos I've been loving this baby very much and rave about it on my friends. This cleansing oil is by far my most favorite cleaning oil aside from my own DIY cleansing oil. I like em both but my DIY cleansing oil took longer to wash away while this baby is super easy to wash!! I was amaze about it the first time I try. I saw this cleansing oil before while I was looking for eye make-up remover at Guardian Pharmacy and saw Biore Eye Make-Up Remover but it was very expensive!! I mean it's more expensive than Loreal Eye Make-Up Remover which I thought was quite expensive. Sooo... I scroll around the Pharmacy and saw the Biore Make Up Remover Cleansing Oil and the product description said that it was able to remove even waterproof mascara, so I thought why not buy this one instead right? I mean it was able to remove both make-up and eye make-up at the same time, why bother go to only an eye make-up remover.

Specially-formulated to provide optimum cleansing performance on both dry and wet skin. Effectively dissolves and removes long lasting makeup, even waterproof mascara. Protective nozzle cap for easy travelling and no cotton pad required. Does not clog pores, and gentle and mild on skin. Refreshing fragrance.

How to Use:
1. Pump appropriate amount of cleansing oil onto palm and gently massage onto face to dissolve makeup.
2. Rinse thoroughly with water when makeup and facial dirt have dissolved.

Recipe: Nasi Goreng Roa

Hari ini aku mau share apa yang aku buat untuk sarapan... Apa ya??? He he he Nasi Goreng Roa!! Apa itu Roa? Roa itu adalah sejenis ikan khas Manado. Just in case you don't know I've spent about 14 years of my life in Manado. Makanya sekarang aku susah banget lepas dari segala yang pedas-pedas maupun sambal. Sampai aku SMA aku tahunya kalau makan pisang goreng, singkong goreng maupun jagung rebus tuh dimakannya pasti pakai sambal. Gara-gara ini ada kejadian yang lumayan unik waktu aku pindah ke Jember pas kelas 2 SMA. Waktu itu masih baru banget disana dan aku diajakin main ke rumah teman. Pada saat itu ibunya menghidangkan pisang goreng. Dengan innocent aku langsung nyeletuk... Sambelnya mana tante? Si tante: Hah pisang goreng kok pake sambel de? Aku: Hahh?!!??!? asdfghjkl Pisang Goreng gag pake SAMBEL ya makannya?????? Pada saat itu aku baru tau kalau di Jawa tuh pada umumnya makan Pisang Goreng tuh enggak pakai sambal dan itu adalah pengalaman culture shock aku yang pertama waktu pindah ke Jember. FYI sampai sekarang aku masih enggak bisa loh makan Pisang Goreng tanpa sambal, jadi kalau bertamu dan ada hidangan itu aku tanya aja ke yang si empunya rumah ada saos sambal apa tidak. Lalu si empunya rumah bakalan terheran-heran ngeliat aku nyocol Pisang Goreng pake saus sambal. Yahhh... Daripada gag dimakan kan jadinya kurang sopan gitu he he he... Oh dan bicara soal sambal meskipun aku suka banget dengan berbagai sambal aku sendiri gag bisa loh nyambel... Ada yang mau ngajarin gag? Errr malah ngelantur... Lanjut ke ikan Roa tadi ya... Penampakannya seperti ini...

Gambar diambil dari

Ikan Roa dikenal sebagai Garfish dalam bahasa Inggris dan ikan ini biasanya dijual dalam bentuk yang sudah diasapi dan jarang untuk dimakan langsung karena cukup keras. Biasanya ikan ini ditumbuk untuk dibuat menjadi abon. Nah si abon ini yang aku pake untuk nasi goreng.. Selain nasi goreng ikan roa ini juga enak banget dibuat jadi sambal roa (resep menyusul) untuk teman makan pisang goreng, singkong goreng, ubi goreng, bubur manado dan cocok juga untuk ditaburi di tumisan sayur seperti tumis kangkung, tumis tauge atau tumis buncis. Berikut penampakan abon roanya...

Recipe: Seafood Stir Fry

I don't intent to make a post about it at first but WTH there's nothing wrong in it right? Even though there's nothing really special about it but I guess I'm gonna share what I made for lunch. It's sweet corn, crab meat and shrimp stir fry.

I know it doesn't look much but I swear to to you it taste really really good!!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Haul: October 2013

After some time I finally able to gather pictures on my last October haul. I usually write a haul post at the beginning of a new month because who knows my order comes at the end of the months right? Most of the haul that I got this months are the things that I bought and also got a lot of freebies this month too!! Whoops I mean last month!!

I didn't think I got a lot of haul but when I gather all of em I know I was wrong #LOL. Oh and a side note about the freebies that I get on October is that I got most of them from my Dad when I followed him to a Dermatologist seminar. I follow him from counter to counter at the Pharma Company exhibition and loot the freebies that he got fu fu fu.... I also got sent several beauty soap from an online shop.