Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: Cherry Culture Lip Balm Chocolate Flavour

ヾ( ❀◕◡◕ฺฺ )ノ【*Η*Ε*Ļ*L*О*】ヽ(◕◡◕❀ฺ )ノ\ 

Since this month I'm still out of town I still haven't had the chance or even the mood #LOL to update my blog whether it was beauty related post or even craft related stuff and also for the past three days my health is not that good. At first it was only a cough but after two days I began to have runny nose and keep sneezing  like nobody's business. So anyway since I'm not gonna go anywhere today I think it will be more productive to post a review on a lip balm that I bought a few months ago.

The reason I bough this lip balm at the time because it was cheap and there was also a discount so the price is even more cheap. YAYY!! Besides the price the other reason I was attracted to it because there are 10 flavors such as bubble gum, lime, strawberry, watermelon, coffee, chocolate, grape, raspberry, peach and banana. I only bought two kinds the chocolate and peach flavor but I lost the peach one #sigh.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter


Having a good day I hope?? I do!! My cough has gotten much much better right now and lately I've been addicted to tapestry crochet. I'm gonna post several tapestry crochet that I've made and it's gonna be available on my shop. It's ready stock and I only made one ^^. Okay... Enough ads... (;^◇^;)ゝ Right now I'm gonna do a review on one of my favorite body butter from The Body Shop. It's Dreams Unlimited Body Butter and I use it slowly because I don't want it to runs out #LOL. I really really love the scent but strangely though I don't really like the scent if the perfume. Weird HUH??

The packaging on this body butter pretty much the same with other body butter products from The Body Shop. It's in a plastic twist jar and you have to scoop the product which means it has a hygiene issue, so make sure your hands are clean when you use it. I mostly use this body butter after bath so I'm pretty sure my hands are clean.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Review: Kojic Soap with Glutathione

How are you people?? Hope you are in a good health because my condition is not so good lately . My cough just gotten better a few days ago but yesterday it came back again. #sigh.... I have to stop forgetting to take vitamins!! Since I prefer to stay at home today I might as well be a little more productive and make one or two update on this blog. Today's review is another beauty soap from Philippines and it's my favorite one so far. This soap is called Kojic Soap with Glutathione and it's intended for sensitive skin which is perfect for me!!

The Product Description and Packaging:
This soap comes in a red metallic and white box and it's tightly wrapped in plastic seal. There's a product explanation, ingredients, directions, manufacture and also expiry date on the back. There is also 'halal' sign and product size on the side.

An effective anti-oxidant and skin enhancing soap combined with excellent moisturizing properties. Kojic, a by product of fermentation process of malting rice and a mushroom derivative which has been used in Japan for many years to help lighten pigmentation and treat pimples (acne). Glutathione, a natures' miracle helps whiten the dark parts of the body like armpits, pimple scars, stretch marks, melasma and other pigmentation.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Crochet Granny Square Slippers

Hello again..!!!

After such a long hiatus I finally had the time and also mood to make another post and this time I'm gonna make a post on how to crochet a granny square slippers. This slipper is my favorite slipper because it's fairly easy to assemble and there's a lot of interesting granny square motifs and patterns that are available on the internet.

Because of that I'm not gonna post about the pattern on how to make the granny square pattern but rather on how to assemble the slipper. Basically you need 6 granny square to make a slipper so you have to make a total of 12 granny square in order to make a pair of slipper.

To join the squares you can either sew them or join them by doing an sc (single crochet) around the square but I prefer to do an sc to join the squares. Here's how you made them (pls note that I'm suck at drawing so I hope this chart can help you)

Bottom Slipper Chart

So you basically join the bottom part consisting of 4 granny squares like the chart above and fold the pink squares in half. Join the "B" pink and blue part of the squares in the indicated part and you'll make the bottom part of the slipper.

Upper Slipper Part

Review: Kai Pore Pack


Sorry for haven't post anything for a long time, I've been out of town, out of country and also busy with my graduation preparation so I haven't got the time to post anything. But I'm gonna make up for it and do more post this month.

Today's review is about a pore pack from KAI. I bought in in a box with 10 sheets of this pore pack in it for about $4 (IDR 40.000) if I'm not mistaken and I bought in online from Sasa.com.

Kai Pore Pack Sheet is a fresh product that clears away blackheads of nose. It firmly fits nosewings. It contains botanical tightening ingredients to care for the skin. It also contains menthol to give refreshing feeling.
Use 1 -2 times a week.

How to Use:
After cleansing, wet nose.
Dry hands and put the strip on nose.
Wait for 10 - 15 minutes, and then gently tear off the strip.
If you feel pain when tearing, spray water on nose, and then gradually tear off.