Saturday, September 28, 2013

Crochet: Finn The Human Pouch


I've made this Finn The Human Pouch from Adventure Time Series for my new Online Shop Collection but it was sold even before I put the picture #LOL. I'm gonna make another one as soon as I had the time.

This is what the front pouch looks like. I made Finn's face square because it'll look weird if I made it round like the original picture. It doesn't seem to match with the pouch shape.

This is the back pouch looks like. I made Finn's ear too ^^

Friday, September 27, 2013

Review: La Glace épurant White Essence

image Hello!!!

Hisashiburi desuu..... Well not really.. It's only been a few days right?? I'm quite energetic today even though Surabaya is still very much hot and humid with an occasional mosquitoes here and there. Luckily there are no mosquitoes around at my room although I currently have ants infestation!! Any idea how to get rid of them ants?? I sweep and mop almost every day but they just keep on coming... The ants chalk thing wasn't much help either. I heard of using boric acid with sugar water as ants poison but since boric acid has been misused a lot I don't think it was easy to get my hands on it (or is it??). Where do I buy it anyway? Chemical store? I just move to Surabaya and didn't know my way here. If any of my readers knows other alternative let me know alright?

Sooo.... Onto the review.. I bought this serum last December but only got to use it a few months back since I still have The Skinfood Tomato Whitening Serum at that time and bought the La Glace Serum as a replacement. I didn't think much of the serum at that time but now that I finish using it I really like it, but before I continue on my review here's a quick intro about La Glace.

La Glace, French new Generation Skin Care Brand formulated exclusively for oriental skin.

Natural Ingredients, Artificial fragrance free, Alcohol Free are the keys behind why la glace has been gaining repetitive acceptance and love from so many Asian users with even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Our elite team of French cosmetics scientists also understands so well Asian women's desire for radiant charm and speedy effect that la glace products are all results of rich and generous blends of top quality active ingredients optimized for fast and marked effects.

Proven in Hong Kong, la glace is now opt for further answering more metropolitan Asian women's need for whitening, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, acne treatment, eye care, sensitive care, body slimming, firming and treatment, etc. We welcome partners from all over the world to join us in sharing la glace successful skin care experience in their respective cities.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Makeup Challenge: Hollywood 20's


I've been wanting to join this Makeup Challenge by Pygmalion Land and The Balm Indonesia but for some reason or another I just can't find the right time to do it. But..... Since today I'm free so I finally can..!! YAY!! I've been interested in doing this kind of Vintage Hollywood Look and truthfully I don't think this look suits me. But WTH right?? I gotta try it at least once.... This makeup challenge is not an ordinary one because it also has a prize in it!! And not only one but there's also two winners!! The prizes are.......

Awesome prizes right??? To enter you just have to recreate the look from The Balm Instain Girls below...

And the one I choose for the look is Argyle - Petal Pink. I choose it because I like how her hair looks and since I wanted to use red lipstick I didn't use pink like the pic he he he (watchout for photo spam!!)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Review: Vaseline Healthy White (Serum, UV Lightening Lotion and Insta Fair Lotion)


I've been wanting to do a review on the Vaseline Healthy White Series but since the products are scatter at my place and my parents place I haven't had the chance to took a proper picture. Not that my picture is proper now #sigh since I only use my cellphone to took pictures. But even so I still try to put on the best picture that I can get. 

Now... Continue.. I'm gonna review 3 products from the Vaseline Healthy White Series and they are:
- Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA++ Serum
- Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Whitening & Even-Tone Lotion
- Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair Visible Fairness Lotion

The healthy white series has a pink theme on it ^^ and since I'm reviewing 3 products I'm a bit confuse as to how I do it #LOL. Should I do it one by one or should I compare all products together?? I'm thinking of comparing them first but if my readers like it one by one then I'll do it too.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crochet: Chandelier Earring


After rambling about my acne problems in the previous post I'd like to cheer  myself up by sharing this kawaii crochet earring pattern!! This another cute earring that is easy to make and perfect for beginners.

- local cotton yarn
- steel crochet hook #4 (around 2.5mm)
- ring
- earring hook
- clear nail polish

Make 7 ch and ss in the first ch.

Make 1 ch and in the 7 ch ring make 1 sc and *1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc*, repeat ** 2 times. Continue with 4 sc, 3 ch and 3 sc and then ss in the first sc.

Ss in the next sc, 3 ch, 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc in the 3-ch-sp. 3 ch and continue to the next 3-ch-sp 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc. 3 ch and continue to the next 3-ch-sp 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc. 3 ch and ss in the second sc from the 3-ch-sp. FO

Add clear nail polish to the fasten off part and then attach ring and earring hook.

ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
3-ch-sp = 3 chain space
FO = fasten off

If my explanation is a bit confusing I'm gonna draw the pattern later ^^

Acne Tragedy.... Again.... and How I Deal With It

Looking at the title you'll know what this is about right?? And if some of you have read my blog before you'll probably know that I have a constant battle with acne problem. It's like a never-ending battle that goes on and on and on.... And just when I thought I've won!! Those pesky acne come back again!! After about 1.5 year  enjoying acne-free days for some reason after I got back from Umrah this March those acne started to come back again. At first it was only 1-2 small acne but after months they started getting bigger and much much more!! I don't understand what's wrong!! Is it the weather or what? Not only that because I travels a lot during March-June my skin condition is getting worse again. It's back in those dark days where I had oily T-Zone and dry patches here and there. 

This is how my skin is at July... Oh God.. I felt like I wanna cry again.. (TAT)....  My forehead is pretty clean but my left and right cheek are hideous!!! There are a lot of red acne and even though it was bad at least those acne aren't itchy like I had before. Even though I religiously use Vitacid every night why does the acne comes back!!! My brother recommends that I upgrade my dose of Retinoic acid to 0.1% and if my skin is getting better I should come back to the previous dose.

This is the progress on my left cheek after I change my skin regimen. Upgrading the Retinoid acid to 0.1% is not the only thing that I did. I change most of my skin care regimen but not all at once. I'm gonna show you on the first regimen that I change to the last one.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Crochet: Batman Sling Bag (with Tapestry Chart)

Hello again...

I just wanted to show you this mini sling bag that I made for my nephew. It's my first time on making a tapestry crochet project. I certainly like how this bag turns  out. It's not very big but perfect for my nephew to put a few of his small toys or a bigger action figures.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: The Skin Food Tomato Whitening Emulsion

Hello beautiful people!!

I'm back with another skin care review ^^. If you read my blog a lot (I Hope...) you'll know that I am constantly fighting my acne problems and I have a lot of blemish marks from those days. In order to diminish those blemish marks aside from spot treatment I like to use whitening products like whitening serum or moisturizer. So my purpose on whitening products is not to make my skin whiter but to fade those pesky blemish marks. Okay... Onto the review now... To take care those blemish marks I was very interested in The Skinfood Tomato Line since I there are a lot of good review on this products. I bought The Skinfood Tomato Whitening Serum and Emulsion. The serum goes out first since I use it more often but the emulsion last much much longer because I didn't use much.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crochet: Wheel Earrings

I don't what to call this earrings but since it has a wheel like shape so I guess that's the name #LOL. Easy and fast to make too.

- Steel Crochet Hook #4
- Local Cotton Yarn
- Earring Hook
- Ring

Do a magic circle, ch 1 and sc in ring 12 times (12 sc).
Ch 4 (1 dc + 1ch) and 11 dc in each sc, sl st in the 3rd ch (12 dc).
Ch 1, *hdc, dc, hdc* in the ch-1 sp. Repeat ** in each ch-1 sp. Sl st in the first ch. FO
Pretty easy to make right??
Ch = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
HDC = Half Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
Sl St = Slip Stitch
FO = Fasten Off 

Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara

I've used this mascara for quite some time now and has been repurchasing it too. So far this is my favorite mascara aside from Holika-Holika Magic Pole Mascara.

Product Details:
False Lash Effect’s biggest brush ever doubles lash size appearance vs. bare lashes.
  • Waterproof formula is great for the pool or beach.
  • Patented Liquid Lash™ formula coats lashes from root to tip.
  • No flaking or smudging gives lovely lash confidence.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.

There are two shades of this mascara: Black and Black/Brown. I prefer the Black though.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Make-Up Look: Aqua Heart Queen

To tell you the truth I don't really know what to call this look and I made it because I was bored today..

Pop Art Lips

Good evening...!!

I can't seem to shut my eyes so I made this Cartoon Pop Art Lips... At first I thought it was gonna be hard to make but it was surprisingly easy.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Meconopsis Crochet Earring

Just wanted a quick share on this beautiful Meconopsis Flower Crochet Earring that I made. Super easy and quick to make and it only involves a chain, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. A great way to use those leftover yarn. I made it into a pair of earrings but it would definitely looks pretty as headband, hair tie, embellishment, ring or anything you can think of. If you want to make this flower the pattern is available on 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet by Leslie Stanfield (it's on page 72).

Skin Care Talk Part 3: Asian Skin Care Routine


Di bagian pertama skin care talk aku sudah membicarakan mengenai Toner, Essence, Serum dan Ampoule dan pada bagian kedua aku juga sudah membahas tentang Lotion, Emulsion, Milk, Cream, Gel dan Booster. Nah udah banyak dan macam-macam kan tuh jenih skin carenya. Lalu bagaimana cara pakainya? Mulai dari mana? Bingung lagi kan? Namanya udah banyak trus enggak tahu cara pakainya pula. Jadi kali ini aku mau membahas mengenai rutinitas skin care asia dan skin care layering.

Langkah-langkah rutinitas skin care di Jepang dan Korea itu lebih panjang dari rutinitas di Barat sana. Bayangin aja ada 5 sampai dengan 10 langkah loh!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Crochet Flower Inspiration

Sorry for neglecting the crochet part of the blog for some time now... But I promise I'm gonna try to post more on crochet stuff.  Today I'm gonna post on a crochet flower inspiration. I got the inspiration when I went to a local craft supply store in Jogjakarta. 

Review: Bless Soft Eye Shadow (Deep Black)

Sebetulnya produk eye shadow lokal ini sudah cukup lama aku miliki cuma jujur aja masih jarang dipakai. Kenapa? Dulu belinya gara-gara diracunin Arum sama Puput, trus habis beli... Bingung.... Aku aja tiap hari jarang make eye shadow udah gitu warnanya hitam lagi?!?!? Mau pake kemanaaaaaa?!?!?!?! Trus kalo aku pake nanti alih-alih bergaya ala Taylor Momsen nantinya malah dikira korban KDRT lagi... Errr..... Yah pokoknya begitulah.. Yuk lanjut ke reviewnya beneran...

Sebelumnya sekilas info mengenai Bless. Bless Cosmetics merupakan kosmetik yang diprakarsai oleh Alm. Dr. Utama Widjaja Sp.KK. Pada awalnya, sekitar tahun 1970,beliau memformulasikan beberapa produk kosmetika untuk mengatasi masalah-masalah kulit yang dihadapi oleh para pasiennya. Kemudian karena produknya menjadi sangat dikenal dikalangan para pasien maka terciptalah sebuah permintaan supaya produknya dapat dijual bebas. Produk-produk Bless sangat memperhatikan rambu-rambu dan peraturan-peraturan yang sudah ditentukan Badan POM. Jadi  pada awalnya Bless ini lebih ke produk skin care dan range produknya juga banyak dari skin care normal seperti pelembab dan pelindung sampai ke produk untuk kebutuhan khusus seperti kulit berjerawa, anti-aging dan kulit sensitif. Selain itu ada produk perawatan rambut dan tentunya produk dekoratif donk.

Kemasan dari eye shadow Bless ini sangat sederhana dan simpel. Berupa kemasan plastik berwarna putih pucat dan karena isinya eye shadow hitam jadi terlihat cepat kotor deh. Berhubung ini model single eye shadow jadinya tidak ada bonus aplikator.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Skin Care Talk Part 2: Lotion, Emulsion, Milk, Cream, Gel, Booster

╲(。◕‿◕。)╱ Hello!!

Setelah sebelumnya aku sudah membahas berbagai macam nama untuk toner dan jenis-jenisnya, kemudian aku juga membahas soal perbedaan antara essence, serum dan ampoule yang menurutku tidak ada perbedaan diantaranya dan hanya masalah penamaan saja sih. Trus sekarang bahas apa donk?? Tenanggg masih banyak nama-nama skin care lain yang juga membuat aku bingung seperti lotion, emulsion, gel, cream, milk dan booster.

Kalau di Skin Care Korea lotion itu biasanya pelembab ringan sedangkan versi lotion pada Skin Care Jepang itu adalah toner yang didesain untuk lebih melembutkan dan melembabkan wajah. Bukan toner di Skin Care Barat yang digunakan untuk membersihkan kotoran berlebih dan mengecilkan pori yang pengaplikasiannya cenderung menggunakan kapas. Lotion versi Jepang biasanya digunakan dengan meneteskan beberapa tetes lotion ke tangan kemudian ditepuk-tepuk perlahan ke wajah. Beberapa lotion versi Korea yang aku punya rata-rata digunakan dengan 2 cara yaitu diusap dengan kapas atau disemprotkan ke wajah. Lotion versi Korea biasanya selain membersihkan wajah dari sisa-sisa kotoran berlebih juga mampu melembabkan dan melembutkan wajah. Beberapa jenis lotion/toner Korea juga dapat digunakan sebagai lotion mask ala Chizu Saeki.

Review: Kose Nature & Co Pure Facial Foam

Hello there... ^^

I'm back with another review!! This time I'm gonna review a facial wash from Kose and it's called Kose Nature & Co Pure Facial Foam. I actually got this facial wash months and months ago but only begin to use it around the end of last June because I have several other facial wash in stock. Yeahh I'm hoarding quite a stock of several kinds of facial wash. I can't help it!! I hoard several kinds of cleansing milk, cleansing water and cleansing oil too!! I'm currently trying to stop myself from buying any cleanser related stuff. Stop Sekar Stop!! Gotta put a big note on my mirror!!

Why did I buy this facial wash? I didn't plan on buying it actually. Last year I went to Galeria Mall Yogyakarta to get myself a free D'Eyeko Falsies and voila!! Little did I know that there's a beauty fair there and Kose is having a 10% discount on all item!! The facial wash even has a special price of IDR 89.000 (around USD 7.5) and not only I bought the facial wash I bought the lotion and cleansing oil as well (>.<)! I haven't even use the lotion and cleansing oil until now. They are still tightly packaged and sealed. Onto the review now...

FYI the pictures are from an old stock of mine and I'm sorry if it was a so so quality. I forgot to take a nicer picture and I already discarded this facial wash because it's already empty.
Product Description:
Kose Nature & Co Pure Facial Foam works into fine and rich lather which effectively removes impurities and excessive sebum. This face wash foam features an optimal balance of herbal and amino-acid cleansing ingredients. It lathers quickly into a fine, soft, luxurious-feeling foam. Gently removes old skin cells (keratinocytes) that clog pores and dull skin tone, leaving skin clear and soft to the touch. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it cleanses the skin without drying it out. Contains organic marigold extract, which has an anti-inflammatory effect that keeps skin healthy; organic rosemary extract to whiten the skin and stimulate new cell growth; and mineral spring water, which has long been valued for its beautifying effects on skin

Active Ingredients:
- Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing)
- Organic marigold extract (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, moisturizing)
- Organic rosemary extract (whitening, cell restoration, moisturizing)
- Spring water (moisturizing)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Skin Care Talk Part 1: Toner, Essence, Serum, Ampoule


Udah bukan hal yang baru lagi kalau Asia sudah menjadi world leader dalam berbagai macam skin care. Bayangkan saja dalam 10 tahun terakhir kita dibanjiri dengan berbagai macam produk yang katanya bisa membuat kulit makin cantik, bersih, bla bla bla.... Dulu aja perawatan kulitku hanya terdiri dari sunblock dan... apa ya?? Facial wash doank loh... Sekarang ada toner, lotion, emulsion, cream, gel, booster, serum aduuhhh banyakk bangettt!!! Jadi kali ini aku mau berbagi mengenai arti dari macam-macam produk tersebut. Tapi ini hanya menurutku aja sih jadi kalau ada yang salah dengan senang hati aku terima kritik dan sarannya ^^

Toner biasanya adalah cairan yang didesain untuk membersihkan wajah dan mengecilkan penampakan pori-pori. Di negara Asia seperti di Korea dan Jepang nama toner itu ada banyak. Kalau di Korea nama toner itu biasanya seperti Mist/Toner/Skin Refiner/Skin Balancer/Skin Hydrator/Lotion. Contoh-contoh nama produknya seperti Laneige Pore Trouble Skin Refiner, The History of Whoo Whitening Skin Balancer dan The Face Shop Chia Seed Watery Lotion. Sedangkan di Jepang untuk toner biasa disebut dengan lotion atau softener. Misalnya seperti Kose Nature and Co Whitening Lotion dan Shiseido softener. Kalau di Barat nama toner lebih straightforward karena biasanya berakhir dengan kata "toner" misalnya seperti Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner dan The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner.

Chandelier Crochet Earrings

Happy Monday!!

Today is very sunny here in Surabaya and in fact it's very hot and humid!! Somebody please turn on the AC!! I guess it's summer all year round here he he he....Ohh and talk about summer I got this beautiful crochet earrings that's also perfect for a beginner. There are only for kind of stitches involved in this earrings: chain, single crochet, double crochet and slip stitch. That's it!! Really easy and quick to make too... Wanna see?? 

Here's another look on these earrings. It kinda looks floppy because I didn't stiffen the earrings but it still looks nice though.

If you want to make these beautiful earrings you can visit Living The Craft Life Blog.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Baby Color Candy Rainbow Lens in Grey

Happy Sunday my beautiful butterfly!!

This time I'm back with another Circle Lens review!! Yayy!!! Even though I've been very excited to do this review since the first time I bought this lens I keep forgetting to take pictures he he he... #guilty. At first I'm afraid to try this lens because the diameter is kinda big and I don't think it's gonna look weird on me, but since the color looks very pretty I got tempted to try this baby on...

Baby Color Candy Rainbow comes in an aluminum sealed package and I really like the colorful stripes design.

Manufacture: Baby Color
Made in Korea
Diameter: 19.80 mm
Water Content: 60 %
Lifespan: 12 months
Color: Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Grey

Friday, September 6, 2013

August Haul, DIY Resin Hair Clip and FOTD

Hi There ´ ▽ ` )ノ!!!

I can't believe it's September already and I've been living in Surabaya for a week now. I'm still remembering my way and it's been really hard because I don't remember the road easily. I have to go over again, again and again to remember my way. Thank GOD for built in GPS!!!

I was also so busy last month and didn't think that I was gonna buy stuff but I still end up buying a few too. I mostly bought eyeliner err scratch that! I bought eyeliners!! A bunch of them too!!