Sunday, May 24, 2015

Review: YSA Botanica Lemon Bleaching Soap

I actually have used this soap for months but didn't have the mood to write a post about it #sigh. But on a side note I recently downloaded a blogger blogging app and it's surprisingly quite good event though it tends to show error message from time to time. If you have any good recommendations on a good blogging app please do tell me!! Anyway, with this app I can make a blog post bits by bits depending on my mood. 

Onto the review then shall we? I got this soap as a gift from my brother when he went to Philippines along with many other whitening soaps. 
YSA Botanica Lemon Bleaching Soap is specially formulated to whiten dark spots on your skin caused by acne, freckles and melasma. Guaranteed to give you a healthier, cleaner, whiter, smoother and younger look.

For best results, leave on skin for at least five minutes, then rinse. Use as often as possible.

Lemon vegetable soap base (I think the ingredients list have to be more detailed).

The soap comes in a box and it's also has a plastic wrapped inside. I was a bit surprised before since I never seen a black soap before. The size is quite big for a facial soap so it's probably better to cut it into a few small pieces before using it.

My Experience With The Soap:
I think this particular soap isn't very popular compare to other Pinoy whitening products, but if you now the infamous GlutaMax Lightening Soap the YSA Botanica Lemon Bleaching Soap comes from the same brand. I've tried the GlutaMax before and liking it (review here), so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like this soap too.

By the word 'lemon' and 'bleaching' I reckon that when I use this soap it's gonna sting like hell and I'm right!! The minute I put this soap on my skin it stings but after about a minute or two the stinging sensation is gone. The stinging sensation is similar like when I'm using an actual Lemon Mask. Since it's better to wait for a few minutes before rinse I usually use it before I brush my teeth and rinse it off.

Since the soap is quite big and I only use it on my face it last more than two months and Ohh if you have bacne problems this soap totally help with it but make sure your bacne problems aren't because of you hygiene problems (i.e keep wearing sweaty shirts or not rinsing hair conditioner well etc).

As for acne problems this soap helps dries acne faster especially when it's combine with acne medication. But like I said before this soap stings like a b$%ch so I usually only use it at night because my face gets pretty red afterwards. I also have a lot of blemish marks and the soap also helps lighten them but that doesn't mean that you can use this soap by itself, it's better to combine it with your usual night cream for faster results.

What I Like:
- Help dries acne faster.
- Lighten blemish marks.
- Long lasting.

What I Don't Like:
- It stings!!

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