Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: iFairy Cara Green


I was really excited when LensVillage emailed me last month and said that they we're gonna send me a pair of circle lenses for review purposes. Lens Village has soo many cute and beautiful circle lenses but I finally decided on iFairy because I never tried the brand before and since I wanted a lens that gave me an anime-ish look I decided on iFairy Cara Green Lens. Why Green? Well since it's my favorite color!! And also for some reason I really like the way I look with green lenses (not that it makes sense but ohh well....).

When the lenses arrive I was so happy because Lens Village gave me two pairs of lenses!! Yattaa!! The other lenses is a Dolly Eye and I think it's Dolly Eye Fairy in Blue.

Life Span : 1 Year
Diameter : 16.2mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 55%

iFairy comes in a glass bottle packaging and I got this Uber Kawaii Green Elephant Lens Case too!! I love green and I love elephant so it's perfect!! I had a green elephant pillow that I carry everywhere too he he.

iFairy Cara Green is a combination of Green and Yellow and I think the combination is very pretty. I have a dark eyes and the color really shows on my eyes. I was a bit concern because when I look at the color sample on Lens Village website the iFairy Cara has a really pretty green and I would be sad if it doesn't shows on my dark eyes but phewww it looks really good!! It also gives my eyes a shiny sparkling look. Kira-Kira Desuu... 

The pattern on this lenses looks really anime-ish and it's perfect for those who likes to cosplay. But even if you don't do cosplay but likes bold lenses like this iFairy Cara is a great choice!! I'm thinking of getting other color too like brown or red maybe??

From the picture above you can definitely see that the iFairy Cara makes my eyes looks bigger and cuter tee hee!! I've tried other lenses with bigger diametere before like 18mm and up but even though iFairy is 16.2mm in diameter it appears much bigger when worn.

Trying to look cute with a pouty face #LOL >.<!

Maybe because the lenses color is very opaque to cover dark eyes like mine I felt that it was slightly thicker than other lenses but that doesn't mean that it isn't comfortable. It's very comfortable and I didn't have any trouble like dried eyes, irritation or any redness whatsoever!! I've used it last week for more than 12 hours and my eyes still feels comfortable and the lenses was easy to remove too.

I am very satisfied with this lenses, the color is very pretty, makes my eyes looks bigger and sparkly, very comfortable and I didn't have any reaction like irritation or redness. Totally recommended of you're looking for a pretty anime-ish lens because I can't use those crazy lens that people use for cosplay since they only have it in normal degree and I have minus 3.75!!  

Where to Get?
Get the iFairy Cara Lens at

I crochet this pretty spring flower crown and think that it looks perfect to be worn with the lenses!!

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  1. cantikkk bgt sih sayy ^^ nice review anw

    1. Aduhhh makasihh... Dibilang cantik sama yang model hi hi


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