Friday, September 21, 2012

Review: VESS Pucucu Foaming Ball

Wanna know what these cute pink and blue round thingy?? It's called Pucucu Foaming Ball from VESS, basically it's a sponge ball that you use to make your facial wash to foams a lot.... Just a teensy weensy facial wash combine with this foaming ball will create a huge amount of foam!! The foam are smooth and nice too... Feels good to your skin. I bough this at for US$ 4.1 (IDR 38.950), kinda expensive though but this will help my facial wash last longer since I only use a tiny amount of facial wash.

This foaming ball comes in a plastic package which is pretty hard to open and I had a tiny cut on my finger just by opening this thing. *darnn.... 

Here's the production description taken from here:

VESS PUCUCU Foaming Ball helps you easily work up a rich lather with cleanser. This would let you avoid rubbing against your skin and do less harm.

Here's what the ball look like, kinda like round sponges but it has rough surfaces so you can't use this ball directly to your face. Only use the foam created by these ball!!

I use the pink one first since the blue one is cuter hehehe... I dip the foaming ball into the water and squeeze the excess water out. So the foaming ball should be damp and moist but not wet.

BTW... Please ignore that I'm making this picture in my room and not in my bathroom. I live in a boarding house and can't really take pictures in the bath room. (>.<)!

Okay continue..... Put a tiny bit of your facial wash onto your palm and by using both of your palm use the foaming ball in a clockwise or counter clockwise (whichever do you prefer) to make a nice smooth foams. After you made these crazy foam just put it in your face and wash like usual. Don't forget to wash the leftover facial wash from the foaming ball too!!

For hygiene purposes I also put the foaming ball in a dry separate place than my other stuff in the bathroom and soak it in a hot water for a few minutes every week or two.

My Likes:
- facial wash will last longer since you can use a tiny bit to wash your face
- the foam produce is nice and smooth

My Dislikes:
- a bit expensive
- you have to buy online from

Maybe, I still have one more though and gonna see how much this will last.

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  1. Ooo i like the idea of that! Did the foam wash your face clean though? As clean as doing it in the traditional way?

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  3. The bubble is more soft as you can see in the picture, the cleansing effect is the same. What I like most is that I can use a tiny bit of facial wash to cleanse my face so my facial wash last longer and I can save more money hehehe.

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