Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review: Elianto Strawberry Nail Remover

Just another quick review on a nail polish remover that I bought in a dash. It's Elianto Strawberry Nail Remover, I think they made a mistake on the product naming because who wants to remove their nail anyway?? (Torture comes to mind though...

This tropical juicy strawberry scene nail color remover easily removes nail color lacquer without causing any irritation. It also nourishes and strengthens the nails and moisturize the nail.


Acetone, Aqua, Fragrance, Propylane Glycol, Drometrizole, Camphor, Q 14700 

The product comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which is awesome because I'm a klutz! The cap use a safety design where you have to slightly push it to open which is also great because it prevents leaking problem. The bottle mouth isn't very big so I can avoid letting out too much product.

How to Use:
Open the lid of the nail polish remover bottle.Take a cotton ball or cotton pad and place it over the opening.Tip the bottle to get some nail polish remover on the cotton ball or pad.Rub the wet cotton ball or pad over your nail.You will need to use some pressure.

My Thought:
Like the name, this nail polish has a strawberry scent albeit a very artificial one. It's not a problem for me because at least it's not the usual strong chemical scent from acetone. It removes nail polish well but didn't make my nails rough to the touch. I also didn't feel any irritation or stinging sensation whilst using this product so that means this product is quite gentle to skin. I still have to use quite a lot of products if I wanted to remove glitter nail polish but then again glitter nail polishes are really hard to remove. So if you want an affordable nail remover that works well and gentle on your nail this one is definitely a choice!!

What I Like:
Works well
Gentle on skin and nails

What I Don' Like:

Add me on your list  ^^


  1. Nice review.. =)
    I also hate the strong chemical scent from nail polish remover.. Sometimes they make me coughing really hard.


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