Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New Crochet Hook Set

Tired with my same ol' steel crochet hook I decided to buy another one. I've never buy crochet stuff online so I'm pretty surprised that there are a lot of local online shop that sells crochet and knitting stuff. Noted some of those stuff are a bit heavy on the price side especially for the soft and ergonomic crochet hook.

After looking here and there I finally found an online shop that sells more affordable crochet hook. I bought this crochet hook set for $7.5 (IDR 75K) which is more affordable than the other crochet hook set. There are 7 hook in 1 set from 2mm until 5mm.

Cochet Hook Set

After waiting for about 2 days the package come and I'm pretty satisfied with it. It has a nice grip and quite slippery with yarn which make it faster to crochet.

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  1. Oh.. lately i'm into crochet too. =)
    Beli dimna itu set nya?

    1. Tuh udah ada linknya.. tp br ngeh kalo kecil banget linknya!! hehehe di atau bisa juga ke

    2. Hihi.. thanks so much =) Oh ya, aku share sama temenku ya =)

    3. mari dishare!! sering2 mampir sini juga (>*<)


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