Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crochet Light Bulb Amigurumi

Do you remember in a cartoon when a character has an idea and a light bulb appear above their heads?? This is where I got interested in making a light bulb amigurumi and when I saw Despicable Me where Gru always mention "Light Bulb!!" every time he had an evil idea I'm more determined in making it. I found this light bulb pattern on Crochet Spot and I've been hooked on her blog. She gives a very easy to understand instruction and has some neat trick too!! This is the first time I've learn how to change yarn the easy way, usually I only did a knot it turns out so ugly!! Anyway my light bulb turns out really creepy not as cute as hers though. Maybe because the eyes?!?!

You can get the patten here.

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