Thursday, July 22, 2010

My New Laptop Mouse


I've been wanting to buy a new mouse but never had a time to do it and every time I do I'm not interested in any that I've seen. I don't like a big mouse with a long usb cable but the smaller one has push-pull usb cable that I have since it often get tangled and ugly. Some of the mouse are cute but they are pretty expensive. After searching here and there I found this mouse at Jakarta Notebook online shop at $2 (IDR 20.000), after pondering about it since the shipping fee is $1.2 (IDR 12.000) which is more than half the price of the mouse itself I decided to buy this one.

When the package come I'm glad that I buy it since it exactly what I need. The size is pretty small but fits with my hand, it doesn't have a push-pull usb cable but rather you roll the cable around the mouse and tug the usb at the back side of the mouse. Perfect!!


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