Monday, July 22, 2013

Review: Diva Queen Brown & Diva Soul Pink Lenses


It's Monday again and I hope you'll have an awesome day today and it's gonna be more awesome because I'm gonna make two softlens review today!! I personally love wearing both softlens and glasses and thought that both softlens and glasses has its owns charm... Agree?? You betcha..!! Okay lets continue..

diva queen
I'm interested in this softlens because I thought that I want a nice brown lenses that have a decent diameter, I've try Geo before and loving it to death but I'm curious about other brand too. X2 and Omega has a beautiful brown lens with decent diameter but unfortunately I can't wear them. My eyes started to tear up badly after a couple hours and I didn't even watched Winter Sonata... So really.. I didn't even have any reason to cry?!?!?

Manufacture: Diva
Country: Korea
Diameter : 14.00 mm
Water Content: 50 %
Use: 12 month
Color: Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey
Grades: Available to -6.00

The softlens comes in a glass bottle and it's tightly sealed. In fact it was sealed really tight that I often cut my fingers while opening this type of packaging. But even though I tend to hurt myself while opening the bottle I still prefer this type of packaging because that means I can get different grade in a pair. I do have the same grades but some people have different grades in their left and right eyes so this type of packaging won't hurt their wallet.

Diva Queen has a really beautiful pattern, it sort of looks like a flower or a pretty lace. It has a black circle in the outer ring for that bigger eye effect.

If you're looking for that big dolly eye look you might not be getting that with this lens because it only makes my eyes slightly bigger. I think it's perfect for those who didn't want their eyes to look more natural but still a bit bigger.

I think the brown color in Diva Queen tends toward brown orange and if you like a pop of vibrant color lenses on your eyes you're definitely will love the color on this softlens.

My thoughts on the lens:
I personally didn't like the brown color on the lens so I don't wear this often, but when I do wear them I notice that some of my friends really like the color. I didn't want to make a review too at first because I just hate the color!! But since some of my readers like it so I decided to make a review on it... As for the comfort factor this lens is really comfortable. I wear them for half a day with an occasional drops of solution and my eyes still feels fine and no irritation or teary eyes. So kudos for Diva Queen!!

My likes:
- super comfortable
- natural enlargement

my dislikes:
- I just hate the color.. Period!!


If you like this lens there other color that you can choose in the picture below.

diva soul
As for Diva Soul the reason I'm attracted to this lens is because I want a pink lenses that has grades in it because most of the pink lenses I know didn't available in grades. I've try Barbie Eye Super Nudy in Pink before and loving it so I wanted to find other pink lenses that I can wear.

Manufacture: Diva
Country: Korea
Diameter: 14.80 mm
Water Content: 50 %
Lifetime: 12 bulan
Color: Violet, Blue, Green, Brown, Grey, Pink and Black
Grades: Available to -8.00

This one also comes in a glass bottle

Diva Soul has some sort of spiky pattern and the outer black circle also has a spiky pattern. It's pretty weird but it supposedly helps in blending the pattern into the eye to make it more natural.

Even though the diameter is 14.8mm the enlargement effect is much much bigger than I thought. It kinda felt like I was wearing a 16mm diameter softlens.

Even though the pink isn't really noticeable but when I try it on the color really does pop!! I kinda like how the pink is somewhat subtle but still very vibrant. It kinda felt like the Nudy Series because this lens gives my eyes that certain glow and shiny look.

my thoughts on diva soul:
Ever since I try Diva Soul for the first time I instantly fell in love!! I didn't have any expectation at first but gurl do I feel happy!! I have wore this lens for more than 12 hours and my eyes still feels really comfortable, I felt no irritation or teary eyes whatsoever!! Even though I tends to forgot to bring eye drops this lens still feels comfortable without re-wetting, but it's not recommended though. Here's some pictures of me wearing the lens..

my likes:
- comfortable
- great patterns and color
- bigger eye

my dislikes:
- none

Yes in different color!!

There are seven color in Diva Soul and all of them are pretty!! I'm thinking of trying the black one next.

PS: if you're interested in this softlens you can click the picture below.

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  1. saya minus 5 tapi masih takut pake softlens hehe, ga tega rasanya masang di mata sendiri

    1. Dulu waktu pertama kali coba2 pake softlens aku belajar di optik langsung. Trus karena masih kagok sering hampir telat ke sekolah hihi

  2. Punya q diva queen yg ijo n diva soul yg grey... Tp aq lbih suka yg diva queen soalx motifnya bih bgus... Hehe... Tp dua2nya cantik bnget d km... Love it... ;)

    1. Makasih say. Mungkin lain kali aku coba diva queen yg warna lain deh, soalnya aku enggak suka warna yg brown. Diva queen ijo sama diva soul grey bagus pas dipake?

  3. OMG i love the first CL looks so cute ♥ lovely color!

    1. Thank you. But unfortunately I didn't like the color (-_-)


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