Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Favorites and Regret


It's already December so I'm gonna post about my November Favorites and Regret.


Melanox Premium Advanced Formula Whitening Serum

I bought this because of Guardian Weekly Promo, at first I'm not really interested in this serum but because it's in a discounted price I decided to try this serum. My friend said that this serum really works in increasing her skin tone but I wanted to use this serum to reduce my blemish marks. Usually it took a few months just to reduce the blemish marks and more months to make the blemish marks disappear, so far I've been using  this serum for almost a month and the blemish marks has reduce pretty good.

La Perle Fruity Glace Invigorating Body Mist

I bought this because the bottle is kinda cute and it's in a discounted price too!! As the name suggest it has a fruity fragrance. The smell last for a few hours which is pretty common for a body mist. This is my favorite body mist with a fruity fragrance so far, usually fruity fragrance feels to sweet for me but this one really is invigorating.... >.< The only thing that bothers me is that the spray bottle broke so I have to transfer the body mist to another container

Nivea Intensive Advanced Moisture Care Lotion

I got this lotion for about $2.4 (IDR 24.000) in 400 ml pump bottle, I mostly use it at night so that my skin won't dry out. I think I'm gonna try the whitening one next time.

Inaura Renovate Nourish & Moist Blackberry & Cinnamon Hair Treatment

I bought this at first because I like the smell but after I try this hair treatment it makes my hair pretty smooth without weighing my hair. Sometimes after I use hair treatment products I feel my hair smoother but it felt a bit heavy so I have to wash my hair again. It doesn't have silicone in it so it doesn't make my hair feels silky smooth but I think it's smooth enough. I want to reduce silicone use on my hair products so I think this is enough.


Lip Ice Repair & Treatment Lip Gel

I bought this to repair my chapped lips and after using it for 3 days consecutively my lips did get smoother and not dry anymore. But after using it for about a week I feel a weird feeling on my lips and it gets chapped again. So I think I'm allergic to this Lip Gel.

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  1. melanox harganya brp waktu promo? :D

  2. the blackberry and cinnamon hair treatment sounds like it would smell really amazing @.@ where did you get it :D?

  3. I get it at a local beauty store in Jogjakarta

  4. pingin coba melox nya OxO

    aku tag kamu di liebster award ^^


  5. tq... Wah dapet lagi tag liebster


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