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Review: La Glace épurant White Essence

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Hisashiburi desuu..... Well not really.. It's only been a few days right?? I'm quite energetic today even though Surabaya is still very much hot and humid with an occasional mosquitoes here and there. Luckily there are no mosquitoes around at my room although I currently have ants infestation!! Any idea how to get rid of them ants?? I sweep and mop almost every day but they just keep on coming... The ants chalk thing wasn't much help either. I heard of using boric acid with sugar water as ants poison but since boric acid has been misused a lot I don't think it was easy to get my hands on it (or is it??). Where do I buy it anyway? Chemical store? I just move to Surabaya and didn't know my way here. If any of my readers knows other alternative let me know alright?

Sooo.... Onto the review.. I bought this serum last December but only got to use it a few months back since I still have The Skinfood Tomato Whitening Serum at that time and bought the La Glace Serum as a replacement. I didn't think much of the serum at that time but now that I finish using it I really like it, but before I continue on my review here's a quick intro about La Glace.

La Glace, French new Generation Skin Care Brand formulated exclusively for oriental skin.

Natural Ingredients, Artificial fragrance free, Alcohol Free are the keys behind why la glace has been gaining repetitive acceptance and love from so many Asian users with even the most delicate and sensitive skin. Our elite team of French cosmetics scientists also understands so well Asian women's desire for radiant charm and speedy effect that la glace products are all results of rich and generous blends of top quality active ingredients optimized for fast and marked effects.

Proven in Hong Kong, la glace is now opt for further answering more metropolitan Asian women's need for whitening, cleansing, toning, moisturizing, acne treatment, eye care, sensitive care, body slimming, firming and treatment, etc. We welcome partners from all over the world to join us in sharing la glace successful skin care experience in their respective cities.

La Glace Face Repair Series épurant White Essence can break up Melanin tissues; inhibit Melanin formation, due to UV exposure. It also helps to fade dark spots and lighten freckles, pigments, moisturizing and also whitening skin. Skin will look more radiant, translucent and more luminous. For best whitening results, can be used before and after épurant White Mask

How to Use:
Apply a small amount onto the face and neck, avoiding eye area, morning and/or evening after cleansing and toning. For best whitening results, may be used after épurant White Mask .

- Avoid contact with eye areas, if it does, please rinse out immediately.
- Keep out the reach of children.
- For external use only, if allergy occurs, stop using it immediately.
- Store it in a cool place.

Country of Origin:

Suitable for:
All skin types

The essence comes in a clear blue glass dropper bottle. I like this type of package because I can see the remaining products and since it's a dropper type I can control the product amount. On another side note I can reuse the bottle for my Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence since the bottle is too big he he he.

Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Natural Moisturizing Factor, Chamomile Extracts, Bearberry Extracts, Liquorice Extracts.

The Essence:
La Glace épurant White Essence has a thick consistency but it absorbs quite fast and it also leaves a dewy finishes but not sticky. I also find that despite it was only an essence it moisturize my skin very well so I sometimes even skip moisturizer with this essence. As for the whitening properties I don't use this essence to lighten my skin but I only want to lighten my blemish marks and it does!! You can see the progress of my blemish marks in my Acne Tragedy Post (although I use this serum along with other products). Also if you a frequent reader at my blog you'll know that my oily combination-acne prone-sensitive skin do not agree with whitening products if my skin have acne at the time. Whitening products tends to aggravate the acne and makes it worse so I only use whitening products only when my skin is acne-free but that's not the case with this essence. Even when I had acne this essence doesn't make my acne worse while lightening my blemish marks.. YAYY!!

What I Like:
- Moisturizes my skin well.
- Lighten my blemish marks.

What I Don't Like:
- Have to buy online.

I would but the price has doubled since the last time I bought it!!

Where to Buy?

How Much?
The current price is USD 16.6 (about IDR 200.000)

ヾ(* ̄▽ ̄*)Byeヾ(* ̄▽ ̄*)Bye

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  1. Seems like a really nice product. Why did the price double? Would love to try it though.

    Pauchee C.

    1. IDK why the price has double though but when I bought it the first time it was a new arrival on and I got an anti aging cream bonus too!!
      You can wait for another store promotion at I guess

  2. i like that it also has a nice dropper for hygienic purposes. im wondering how it feels on the skin even when you apply it and stay under the sun for a couple of minutes. some products feel warm on the skin after application:) nice feature!

    caroleen of :) hope to see more blogs from u

    1. It doesn't stings or warm or anything.. Well staying under the sun does feels hot #LOL but it has nothing to do with the essence. ^^

  3. Not really into face serum actually. But this can enrich some information tho ;)

    Anyway, mahal juga yakk 200K :O Kl dipake tiap hari alamat sebulan bisa bengkak pengeluaran buat makeup :'(

    1. Awal beli harganya USD 8.3 loh huu huu #nangisbombay


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