Friday, September 13, 2013

Make-Up Look: Aqua Heart Queen

To tell you the truth I don't really know what to call this look and I made it because I was bored today..

The first idea to make this look was from yesterday's pop art lips experiment and after that I wanted to do another funny lips look.

As for the eye shadow I just wanted to play with the color since I had a blue and green eye shadow that I rarely use. I also didn't want to put on fake lashes so I play with eye liner instead to make my lashes looks super long. The idea for the heart shape mark actually comes from a character called Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter but I didn't make mine like him.

To make my looks more playful I think a bow shaped bun would looks nice. It was my firs attempt too which I think was quite nice. It doesn't shape nicely because I didn't want to use mousse or hairspray to hold the hair.

I had other suggestions for the name like Viva La Football from Olin and I just realise my eye shadow has a flag color on it. So that means I'm a supporter for Sierra Leone?? Coincidentally that was their flag color.

Puput told me I look like Betty Boop but Betty is soo sexy and talk about Betty Boop reminds me of Arum when she tries the to do the Betty Boop look.  God that was funny!! My friend Ratna told me I look like Jeng Kelin and she's about right too but the looks wasn't inspired by that character. Finally my friend Amz suggest a name that I think is mucho perfecto!! It's Aqua Heart Queen!! So thanks Amz for the title!!

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation #101 Ivory Beige
Marcks Loose Powder
Bourjois Blusher #54 Rose Frisson

Aubeau Eye Shadow Base
Viva Cream Eye Shadow (White, Green, Blue)
Chi-Chi Eye Shadow
Clinique High Impact Eye Shadow
Just Miss Eye Shadow #02
Viva Gel Eye Liner
Max Factor Kohl Pencil #2 Black
Maybelline Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect

Etude House Lip Concealer
Giordani Gold Perfect Gloss #Winter Cherry
The Face Shop Jewel Effect Duo Eye Shadow #Silver
Max Factor Kohl Pencil #2 Black


  1. Kak itu cara bikin dolly eyes and hair bow nya gimana? Ajaaaaarin.. Tutorial pliiiis.. Hihihi^^

    1. Waduh bisa diulang gag ya? Ha ha ha nanti aku coba buat ya.
      Kalau rambutnya sih gampang nanti aku post deh.

  2. nice avante-garde make up look. your version of the queen of hearts was superb. keep it up!

    1. thanks... I'm still thinking on what other looks to make

  3. haha! very funny and creative look! will definitely make people do double take if you walked down the streets with this do!

    1. LOL definitely not for everyday look.
      I think it'll look nice for halloween party next month ^^


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