Thursday, September 19, 2013

Crochet: Chandelier Earring


After rambling about my acne problems in the previous post I'd like to cheer  myself up by sharing this kawaii crochet earring pattern!! This another cute earring that is easy to make and perfect for beginners.

- local cotton yarn
- steel crochet hook #4 (around 2.5mm)
- ring
- earring hook
- clear nail polish

Make 7 ch and ss in the first ch.

Make 1 ch and in the 7 ch ring make 1 sc and *1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc*, repeat ** 2 times. Continue with 4 sc, 3 ch and 3 sc and then ss in the first sc.

Ss in the next sc, 3 ch, 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc in the 3-ch-sp. 3 ch and continue to the next 3-ch-sp 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc. 3 ch and continue to the next 3-ch-sp 1 sc, 3 ch and 1 sc. 3 ch and ss in the second sc from the 3-ch-sp. FO

Add clear nail polish to the fasten off part and then attach ring and earring hook.

ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
3-ch-sp = 3 chain space
FO = fasten off

If my explanation is a bit confusing I'm gonna draw the pattern later ^^


  1. Wish I know how to do this. It's actually my frustration.

  2. WAW! you have a talent!
    I've had tried to learn how to stitch in the past and it did not go so well, I did not have the patience X)

    Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

    1. Thanks dear.
      As for me I always like handmade stuff so I don't mind hehehehe. But alas I still don't know how to sew.


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