Sunday, February 10, 2013

FOTD: Let's Go To Party

So I was really bored tonight and decided to play with my make-up and since I just bought a new make-up brush from Real Techniques I think it was a good idea to familiarize myself with the brush. I'm still really really bad at doing my eye make-up and putting on false lashes and I don't really satisfy with the look in this one. But since I already put on all of these efforts it's kinda a waste just to throw it away so here goes.... 

I don't have an exact theme for this make-up because I just want to try one of the eye shadow palette from The Sunkissed Box that I got as a gift from my bff. I think it's looks good for a party right? Oh and please not that my skin is not in it's best condition right now. I had a few breakout and red bumps from allergic reaction and they just won't go away...!!!

The lashes that I use in this pictures are just cheap lashes that I use for practice and it was super heavy!! I don't use eye base so the eye make-up are ugly too.....  Here's more picture... #LOL

What I Use:

- Sunkissed Eyeliner
- Non Branded False Lashes
- QL Liquid Eyeliner
- Sunkissed Eye Shadows 

- Sunkissed Lip Liner
- Sunkissed Lipstick
- Sunkissed Lip Gloss

- Lioele Dollish Veil BB Cream
- Etude Foundation
- Marcks Loose Powder (Rose)
- Sunkissed Blusher
- Sunkissed Bronzer
- Sariayu Shimmering Powder
- Maybelline Concealer
- The Skinfood Banana Concealer


  1. nice! aku suka makeup matanya :) cantik

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