Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review: Nature Republic Natural 100% Jelly Cleansing Puff (Charcoal)

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I'm back with another review on jelly cleansing puff or konjac sponge for the more popular terms. The one that I'm gonna review today is the Nature Republic Natural 100% Jelly Cleansing Puff and the one that I try is the Charcoal kind. This Charcoal type is supposed to deep cleanse and purify my skin and there are two more kinds which are Red Clay for oil control and Vegetable for balancing skin pH.

The Jelly Cleansing Puff from Nature Republic comes in a damp type so I can use it right away. The one that I bought before from Belle Madame is in a dry type so I have to wet it before I use it. This Jelly Puff comes in a standard plastic packaging nothing special about it though.

There's some product description in the back and mostly in Korean. Here's the general description for this Jelly Cleansing Puff:
This natural jelly cleansing puff contains Anion, released from the natural bamboo charcoal which helps purify the skin.
How to Use:
Apply soap or cleansing foam then gently glide over a face in a circular motion and massage. After using, rinse it off and gently squeeze out excess water then lay it flat to dry.

When I first try this puff I really love its bouncy texture! ♥(人´3`)⌒♡ It really feels like jelly! The puff that I try before is more flat so I can't really feel its puffiness (๑>◡<๑).

This puff has a shape like a half moon/sphere and fits perfectly on my palm. Not too big or too small just perfect... I use the flat side on my general face area and the sphere side to reach a hard to reach area like the side of my nose.

Here's the detailed pic on the puff texture.

This puff also has strings attached on it so I can hang it when I'm done cleansing my face. The first jelly puff that I bought I mostly use it without cleansing foam so this time I use this puff with facial wash. This puff makes my facial wash foams really well and I really really like the way my skin feels after I cleanse my face with this foam. I also use it to exfoliate my lips since this puff is sooo soft ( ̄▽ ̄*). BTW this puff must be used damp because when it dries it will be hard and it's gonna be too rough to be used on the skin. 

Unfortunately after using it only about 6 weeks, I can't use this puff anymore since it's already crumbled everywhere. I'm a bit disappointed since it is said that this puff can last for about 3 month, did I use them too much or what??? Previously I only use this puff alone without facial wash so maybe that's why it ruins faster?? I don't know... I forgot how much I got this puff is but it wasn't that expensive though...

My Likes:
- affordable
- cleanses well

My Dislikes:
- it doesn't last long

Yes, I've already order another one in Red Clay and gonna use it without facial wash next time and see how it goes.

Where to Buy?
I get mine at Inten's Corner. 
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  1. interesting! great review..
    thanks for the comment on my blog!
    you always can be happy too, dear..=D

    kiss kiss!

  2. kak waktu ngga dipakai digantungnya dimana? Atau terlalu kering mungkin tempat nggantungnya >.<

    1. aku gantungnya deket wastafel tuh...
      sebelum pake celup dulu ke air hangat

  3. eh, harganya murah mana sama konjac spnge? :O

    1. Dulu beli 40 ribuan gitu free ongkir, konjac sponge 60 ribuan belom ongkir kan yak?? Lebi murah ini... he he he he #medit

    2. Saya pakai konjac sponge 2x sehari & tahan 3 bulan.

      Kalau yg naturerepublic ini cuma tahan 6 minggu dan 40 ribu, hitung2 lebih murah konjac sponge dong..

    3. Skrg si uda tau knp ceper brudul, rupanya akuy kalau make waktu si sponge belum mengembang betul. Yang skrg udah 2 bln awet2 aja. he he he

  4. Aku pake tfs konjac tiap hari pagi n malem.
    Semoga ga naas nasib sponge ku kayak gini (gugup jadinya kelar baca review sekar)..

    1. Sekarang aku pake konjac sponge beli di bagian Tammia waktu ke carrefour thn lalu. Br sempat dipake skrg he he he.


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