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February Haul, Favorites and Gifts

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It's the end of the month already and it's usually when I share my February Haul which consists mostly of the thing that I bought February and also share about my February Favorites. Most of the things I post in here are bought by me but I got lucky this month because I got a lot of gift too!! Seems February is my lucky month this year.. I got a lot of nice gifts and I also pass my thesis exam!! 

So here goes my Haul, Favorites and Gift in February.... Beware of lots and lots of pictures!! 

Max Factor Haul

These are the stuff that I bought from Max Factor Counter in Galeria Jogjakara, I went there with Puput and ended up buying more stuff than I originally want to buy .

Max Factor Long Lasting Foundation (Ivory Beige)
I'm not really a big fan of foundation, but this foundation from Max Factor really makes me a converter!! It blends like a second skin, feels velvety smooth and doesn't make me breakout!!  This foundation is on my favorites of this month.

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara (Black Brown)
I have bought this mascara in Black a few months ago and bought another in in Black Brown for a backup stock since I got about 50% discount on this one.

Max Factor Color Effect Flipstick (Gipsy Red)
I've been interested in this cute dual side before and finally bought one when I went to their counter. Haven't had the chance to use it though... 

Max Factor Masterpiece Color Precision Eyeshadow (#002 Stardust)
The first time I'm interested in this eyeshadow is when I ransack Puput's make-up purse at my birthday party . The one that she has is in Pearl Beige I think but since it's already sold out I got the other color in #002 Stardust, but Peal Beige is prettierrrr....!!!  

Max Factor Lifinity Lip Tint Pen (#10 Latte)
Who knew Max Factor has lip tint too right?? I got the one in this Latte color because there's not many lip tint in this color but all the other color are cute too!! (But they're already sold out #sigh )

Sariayu Haul

I bought this Sariayu products at Gardena Jogjakarta with Arum and Puput. I only wanted to try the gloss gel at first but since I don't have pink eyeshadow I bought one too.

Sariayu Pesisir Sentrajava Lasem Eyeshadow
I don't have any pink eyeshadow so this eyeshadow from Sariayu Color Trend 2013 will be a great addition to my eyeshadow collection.

Sariayu Gloss Gel
I've been into highlighter lately and this Gloss Gel from Sariayu is a great addition on my make-up collection. This gloss gel also one of my favorites in February, although I still haven't had a proper method on putting it to my face. This gloss gel has a glow like Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer but not as sticky and it's cheaper of course!!

Sariayu Loose Powder (Kuning Langsat)
I got this loose powder for free from Sariayu but I don't think the shade fits me. Haven't try it on my face though....

Viva Cosmetics Haul

I bought these three cream eyeshadow from Viva with Arum and Puput at Gardena Jogjakarta because Arum have been raving about this cream eyeshadow from sometime now and I finally surrender... I bought three and absolutely love them!! Now I want more...!!!

Viva Cream Eyeshadow in Dark Purple
This cream eyeshadow felt really smooth and the color is pigmented too!! And it's under IDR 10.000!!! This dark purple cream eyeshadow from Viva is also on my favorite of this month.

Viva Cream Eyeshadow in Peach
I absolutely love the color of this cream eyeshadow, I wear them almost everyday now and it's on the top of my favorites of the month!!!

Viva Cream Eyeshadow in White
I also love this cream eyeshadow and mostly use it as an eyeshadow base or to highlight my brow bone.

Real Techniques Brush Haul

I've been curious about these brushes from Real Techniques for a while now and after I bought my first Real Techniques brush which is the face expert brush (love it so much!! ) I'm craving for more brushes. And you know what?? Lucky me.... I got other brushes as a gift too..!! All of the Real Techniques brushes is definitely on my favorites of this month.

Real Techniques Travel Essentials Brush Set
This brush set consist of:
- Essential Foundation Brush (I prefer to use it with make-up base and BB Stick)
- Multi Task Brush (I love to use it for loose powder)
- Domed Shadow Brush (Great for eyeshadow but I prefer to use it for blending)

Real Techniques Starter Set
This brush set consists of five eye brushes such as:
- Base Shadow Brush (I use it to apply eyeshadow)
- Deluxe Crease Brush (I use it for blending mostly)
- Accent Brush (I prefer to use it for detailing and smudging)
- Pixel-Point Eyeliner Brush (I prefer to use it with gel eyeliner)
- Brow Brush (This is the only one that I rarely use)

Haul from Other Shops
I bought these other stuff from various shops and online shops.

Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner in #02 and #03
I bought these eyeliner from qoo10 because it's "buy one get one". This is the first time that I'm satisfied in buying from qoo10. These eyeliner is really smooth and easy to apply but since I only use them once they're not in the favorites of this month.

Pixy Gel Eyeliner
I think Puput was the one that said that this gel eyeliner is good and I couldn't agree more... It's easy to apply, waterproof and don't sting my eyes!! So yeahh... This gel liner is in my favorites of the month!!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcakes All Over Color #02 Peach
Since the new Sweet Recipe Line from Etude House is sooo darn cute I can't help myself from trying one. I got mine from Inten's Corner.

Madre Argan Oil
My skin is in a bad condition lately and using any other moisturizer breaks me out...!!  So I bought this one in hoping that it will bring my skin back to health.

Oshima Tsubaki Oil
My hair is getting so long and actually my hair never been this long before. Since I got a great experience from Shiseido Tsubaki the real Tsubaki Oil should have a better results right??

Crochet Wallet
I got this cute crochet wallet at Pasar Beringharjo.

It's not a Haul... It's a Gift
I got all of this stuff below as a gift!!  

Masami Shouko Make-Up Bag
After I pass my thesis exam, my aunt called me to congratulates me and she told me that she's gonna send me a cosmetics bag. She said that it was cute and it was pink, so in my mind I thought it was a cute little pink cosmetic purse. Imagine my surprise when the package come and the box was big!! So open it and TADA...!!!

This make-up bag has 6 pockets and a divider in the middle, the divider is actually a pocket too and it is connected with a velcro. There's also two pockets for make-up brushes.

Voila..!! Almost all of my make-up fits in this bag, minus the mascara, eyeliner and bigger make-up brushes.

Real Techniques Brushes Gift
These Real Techniques brushes are also a gift that I got...

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set
This brush set consist of:
- Detailer Brush (I like to use it for concealing small spots or lipstick/lipbalm)
- Pointed Foundation Brush (I like to use it for concealing problem areas)
- Buffing Brush (I prefer to use it with BB Cream or Foundation)
- Contour Brush (For contouring of course)

Real Techniques Kabuki Brush
I like to use this brush with loose powder or blusher, when the fold is open it can also be use for contouring.

Real Techniques Setting Brush
This brush is supposed to be best used for highlighter and I haven't had the time to use it properly.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush
This stippling brush supposed to be able to create airbrushed look with high def results. This brush also great to be used with foundation or bb cream but it took more product than the buffing brush. I also love to use it with cream blusher, powder blusher and highlighter.


  1. Mupeeeeeng sama make up bagnya....
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    And ngileeer liat brushnya.....
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    1. AkU juga seneng bgt waktu dpt ini. Uda lama kepinginn...
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  2. ahh RT brush!! nice haul sekar <3

  3. thanks so much for the nice comment!=D

    i love the max factor brand! i wear their bronzer!=D

    1. I want their bronzer too! But it was out of stock :(

  4. brushnyaaa..........sama cosmetic bags nyaaa huhuwww ngileerrrr!!!!

  5. cakep banget make up bag-nya :9

    1. Lucuk ya tasnya . Hitam luarnya heboh hot pink di dalem

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  7. Ditunggu yah review lengkap Sariayu gloss gel :D
    Penasaran banget, pengen beli tapi agak sayang soalnya dah punya Etude Nymph Aura Volumer

  8. hadeeuuu cosmetic bag-nya ga nahaaaann tjakep beneerrr!!

  9. Naksir sari ayu eyeshadownya, warnanya cantik :3

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  11. waaaa ngiler makeup case dan brushnya *Q* nice haul kak


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