Monday, February 4, 2013

Review: Geo Angel Blue


Today I'm back with another softlens review that's already well known among softlens lover and especially circle lens lovers, it's Geo Angel in Blue color (CM-832). Geo is also one of my favorite brand because it's very affordable and very comfortable to wear.

Base curve: 8.6mm
Center thickness : 0.04mm 
Water content: 48%
Manufacturer: GEO medical
Origin: South Korea

Duration: up to 1 year after opening

Outside Design

Inside Design

Geo Angel has black limbal ring on its edges to make your eye looks bigger. The pattern design is pretty normal I guess. It's really simple and appears really natural when I wear them. I also really really love the color of this lenses, the blue color tends toward dark navy blue color. It looks really subtle and I think a deep blue color suits me better than a light blue color so somebody who wants a more vibrant color on their lenses might not like this one.

I took these photos under sunlight by the window with no artificial lightning. Geo Angel gives quite a natural enlargement for my eyes so if you're looking for that big dolly eyes look but like the color and pattern on this Geo Angel you might like the Geo Super Angel because it gives a bigger look on your eyes. The blue color on this lens blends really well and kinda makes me looks that I have a natural deep blue eye. Geo Angel is also very comfortable to wear and still comfortable even though I wear them from morning till evening.

- affordable
- super comfortable
- natural looking color



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