Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Tony Moly Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot in #02 Angel Pink

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After procrastinating for a while I finally get the spirit to do this post. I bought this jelly cheek blusher in December and I was requested to do a review on this blusher by Mariani, I'm sorry it took so long to make it dear.... m(_ _)m

This blusher comes in a transparent plastic packaging and it has a bow like enclosing with a pink label on top which looks really cute!! It was a bit hard to open though (or am I just clumsy??) and the plastic cuts my finger.

The blusher itself also comes in a transparent case so I can see the color easily, it is quite sturdy so I don't have to worry that the blusher case gonna open by itself in my cosmetic purse. In fact, I was having a hard time opening it at first (〃ω〃). The label design in this blusher is simple but cute I think.

There's the product description (I think?!?) on the back and the one I got is in #02 Angel Pink shade. This blusher expires 12 months after it was open.

Color and Texture:
I really like the pink shade on this blusher, the color tends toward pinkish purpleish?? (ahhh I'm bad at describing color) Anyway this blusher looks like a cream blusher but it's not, it's jelly!! When I put my fingers on the blusher it felts smooth and bouncy!! 

The color on this blusher is very and I mean very soft but it is buildable so I'm loving it!! I don't like when a blusher color is very pigmented and makes me looks like I just get slapped!! It has a pearly finish and I kinda love the sheen on this blusher. It doesn't look obvious in these pictures but my friends said that I have a lovely pink shade on my cheek!! 

See... It doesn't really shows in the picture above right?? I don't wear much make-up in the picture since my skin is really really bad right now from too much stress and overnight activity. But now that my thesis is done I think my skin is gonna get better... Oh... I have an oily combination skin and this blusher doesn't stay long on my cheek but it was okay though. It stays for about 3-4 hours and I don't really mind applying it again since I carry it on my purse but if I stay outdoor this blusher only stays about 2 hours (it get swept away by the sweat #LOL).

My Likes:
- smooth and bouncy texture
- buildable color
- nice pearly sheen
- blends easily

My Dislikes:
- the staying power is average (not a problem for me though)

Where to Buy?
I get mine from Inten's Corner. 
My OL Shop Pernak Pernik Sekar ^^

Add me on your list too ^^


  1. hey, i enjoy reading your into handmade too? me too...=)
    great artwork! love it!

    oh, yeah, those process with injections right on the pimple were not fun at all...and those antibiotic regimen also made my stomach upset...horrible...never again...hehe

    makanya perawatannya kudu extra nih diriku...=)

    thanks for the comment!

    i am your new follower!xoxo

    1. Thank U... I am so into handmade thingy!!

      About those injection.. it was painful and sure it made the acne goes away quickly but then they just came back in the same spot! The antibiotics also makes my stomach upset so I have to take extra antacid. Thank GOD I don't have to do it anymore. Still have some acne though but it was bearable... (--)!

  2. warnanya baguss.. =)
    br tau jg ada blush yg brp jelly.. nice review

    1. iya warnanya bagus...
      blushnya empuk2 gitu hihihi

  3. Halo, Jeng Sekar
    Waa packagingnya plus boxnya si blush itu cute bener yak, mupenggg...
    Warnanya lumayan cakep juga ya, pinknya kalem

  4. ah so cuuuuute >_< warnanya lucu, natural lagi.
    anyway makasih dear udah mampir ke post aku,
    I enjoy your blog and just followed it <3
    kindly followback if you enjoy my posts too~ hihi

    1. Blog kamu apa say??
      Ahhh aku juga suka sama MBLAQ!!


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