Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: BRTC Calming Blue Mask

Ola.... o(*`・ω・´*)ノ

My skin is not in a good condition for the past few month. I guess the stress from those overnight thesis revision finally caught up on me. Plus the weather is really-really weird, super hot in the day and lots of hard rain in the afternoon and evening. My skin gets sooo sensitive, I have redness in some area on my face, I started to have acne again!!! GGGAAHH!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ To top it off most of those acne are in my jawline area an in my neck!! They are big, red and itchy.  This type of acne are usually super hard to get rid of and they have to be extract but extraction in those area are really hurrttt..... (´A`。)

Anyway after googling and browsing around the internet I found this BRTC Calming Blue Mask and thought that this mask will help soothes my skin after those acne extraction #crossfingers. I got the mask from Rie Butik for IDR 100.000 I think and the mask is in 100 gr plastic jar.

There's nothing special about the packaging really. It has a minimalistic design but I kinda like it though. A simple white plastic jar with the product label on the front and product description and ingredients on the back. The front label said Calming Blue Mask: Algae Composite for Thalasotherapy Program Marine Alginate Therapeutic Modelling Mask. Hmm... Those are some new words I never heard before... Gonna find some information about it later.

All of the product description are on the backside and in all of it are in Korean. No English words whatsoever, I have to google here and there to find some information in this mask.

The mask expire two years after manufacture product but after it was open it will be expire after two or three month (I've read about it somewhere when I was browsing about the mask). Not very convenient though...

The jar has sealed on it and I have to take the seal of before I open it. The seal was pretty easy to pull too, some seal are hard to pull and I ended up ruin the jar. #sigh 

Helping in maintaining skin tight as well as instant soothing by containing the patent ingredients. The Camomile extract is supposedly good for skin and helps in moisturizing and soothing care for red and sensitive skin. It can helps reduce skin inflammation and restore damaged skin. 

Thalasotherapy Program:
I was confuse about it before but Thalasotherapy seem to be popular in various spa in the world. Thalassotherapy use the elements contained in sea water, in muds and sands and algae, using their prophylactic virtues for the good and health of people. Most of this program are usually available on a high end spa.

Modelling Mask:
There's not much that I can get on this mask but a modelling mask is usually in the shape of a powder and you have to mix it with water before use. After you put it in your face it will dries and get harden and you just peel the mask off afterwards. Kinda like a hard peel off mask?? It's called modelling mask I think because when the mask dries and solidify it follows the contour of your face. CMIIW.

Diatomaceous Earth, Calcium Alginate, Calcium Sultate, Magnesium Oxide, Zea Mays (corn) Con Powder, Glucosamine, Glycine, Proline, Alanine, Allantoin, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Algae Extract, Methylparaben, Chromium Hydroxide Green, Ultramarines, Fragrance

The mask has a blue-ish color and it's in a powder form. This mask is really powdery and the first time I open the jar lid the powder kinda gets everywhere. So I have to be careful when opening the lid next time. It has fragrance but it was very subtle, I don't really know what it smells like but it has a fresh scent. Not too overwhelming....

  1. Prepare bowl and spatula.
  2. Mix the mask and water with a proportion of 1:1. I usually use 2 tablespoon of mask and slightly under 2 tablespoon of water (mineral water though not tap water!!).
  3. Mix well for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Apply all over the face except eyes and lips area.
  5. Remove the mask after around 30 minutes from down to up.
  6. Remove excess mask with toner cotton.
  7. Finish with toner, lotion, essence, cream, etc.

2 tablespoon of mask
2 tablespoon of water

mix mix mix
slap it on ma face!!

The first time I use this mask I put too much water and it gets messy, well this type of mask is always messy but when the texture is a bit runny it gets messier and I hate that. I prefer to use cold water to mix the mask so that it will have that cool and soothing effect on my skin. While waiting for the mask to dry and solidify I really feel that my face is super tight which is great because I have large pores. (。・_・。)

After 30 minutes I peel of the mask in upward motion and my redness is reduce and after using it for two months even though the acne is still coming back and forth (I have my period again... and the acne was crazy!!) they are not the kind of acne that is red and super itchy!! It was bearable and the most important is the redness is almost gone (my nose area is a bit red from the area where I put my glasses on).

After the mask solidify it feels like fondant.. You know.. the kind that you make cake topping for?? And it was still cold when you touch the mask. The mask itself is pretty easy to remove but some area where you don't put the mask thick enough are really hard to remove. I usually just use cotton with toner or wet sponge to remove them.

My Likes:
- reduce redness
- calm sensitive skin
- tighten skin

My Dislikes:
- super powdery
- messy
- have to use 2-3 months after it was open
- have to buy online
- hard to find

Nahh.. It was hard to find but if I found one again I will buy it again though and save it for the rainy days.. (While making sure the expiry date....)


  1. hahaha mukamu lucu pas make masker, wuihh harus dipake stiap 2 bulan sekali? ajaib nih masker

    1. bukan dipakai setiap 2 bulan tapi harus habis dipakai sebelum 2 bulan karena maskernya akan expire 2 bulan setelah kemasan dibuka.

  2. ini makenya sebulan berapa kali sis utk perawatannya

    1. Maskernya expire setelah 2 bulan jadi pake aja sering-sering sebelum 2 bulan


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