Monday, February 11, 2013

SUNKissed Make-Up

Ever heard of Sunkissed Cosmetics?? Neither did I until I got a few of their products as a gift from my BFF. I google about them after that and apparently they are a company that have been selling bronzing cosmetics and gift packs all-over the UK and beyond for the last 7 years - some of their best-sellers are Giant Compact Bronzer and Bronzing Dusting Brush. Recently they have launched a range of self-tan products too.

Sunkissed Giant Bronzer.  Taken from here
Sunkissed Dusting Brush. Taken from here.

I'm not really a fan of tan look or sun kissed look because I'm not really that good on making that look. But luckily the color in the gift box are really pretty. Here's what the box looked like.

The box is really pretty and it was quite hard too and it is covered with some sort of fake leather. There's also a handle and a buckle to hold the box at the top.

Here's what the inside of the box looks like and as you can see there a lot of stuff in there. One thing that I love is that there's also a big mirror in it!!

This gift box also comes with some brushes for application but the quality is so-so I guess, so I don't use them very much and I think I've only use them once.

Super complete make-up in a box!! There's eyeliner, eye shadow, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, blusher, bronzer, nail polish, eye shadow applicator, eye shadow brush, sharpener, blush brush, and eye brow brush.

Eye Liner and Lip Liner

The eye liner and lip liner comes in a pencil type and look like regular ole' pencil type eye liner and lip liner that you see on other brand, nothing special about the design but it has a transparent cap which I love because I can see the color easily. The cap is also place nice and tight so they don't come off easily, some other brands tends to have loose caps so some of my eye liner have no caps. There are black eye liner, red lip liner and brown lip liner. 

Eye Liner: The black eye liner is quite pigmented but it was very waxy and hard so it kinda hurt my eyes when I apply the eye liner on my lid. This eye liner is also very easy too smudge and not waterproof. I've try wearing it several times but for some reason the eye liner was gone from my lid after a few hours.

Lip Liner: The red and brown lip liner are quite pigmented too but like the eye liner they felt very waxy and do not glide smoothly. The staying power of both of this lip liner is so-so I think, they was gone after a few hours and honestly I don't wear lip liner that often. I think I'm gonna preloved it or give it to my mom.

 Nail Polish

The nail polishes comes in a regular looking glass bottle with a gold lettering on the front part and black cap for the brush handle. 

The color are quite pigmented and it comes pretty nice in only one swatches but I usually use 2 swatches to make it nicer. These nail polishes also do not make my nails turn yellow... I hate it when that happens....

Blusher and Bronzer

I got two blusher palette with two color in each blusher and one bronzer, nothing special about the design though but they are pretty slim so I can bring the to travels. The palette comes in a plastic packaging with a clear case so I can see the color easily. 


The first blusher palette has a reddish-orange color (I'm bad at describing color >.<) on top and purpleish color at the bottom. They are pretty pigmented and can stay for a few hours after application. My favorite color is when I mix the top and bottom color.

The second blusher has a light pink color on top and pink color on the bottom part. This blusher is not quite as pigmented as the other one and the color are gone faster on my cheek too. But I still really like how they look on my cheek. My skin are not very good right now so I don't provide a picture of the swatches on my cheek but I'm gonna update this post later when my skin is in a better condition.


The bronzer comes out nicely on my skin fortunately because at first I'm afraid that this won't look good on my skin tone. It kinda makes me excited to upgrade my bronzing skill #LOL (I'm still bad at sculpting).

Eye Shadow

There are three eye shadow palette in the Sunkissed box, all of them comes in plastic packaging with a clear case so I can see the color easily.

The first eye shadow has light brown to dark brown shade, all of them has shimmer finish but not to shimmery though so it's just perfect for my taste. The color are pigmented and can blends nicely too!! I've try using these eye shadows before and they last for half a day if wear them with eye base but can also last for about 4-5 hours if I don't use eye base. The bottom part looks slightly vibrant because I put eye base on it.

The second eye shadow palette has silver, blue to black color. They are quite pigmented and has a shimmer finish. The eye shadow can last for long hours if I use eye base before but there are only a slight difference in color with the use of eye base.

The third eye shadow palette has a light purple to dark purple color and it has a shimmer finish. I put eye base before on the bottom part and the color looks more vibrant and can last longer too. I'm not really a big fan of the color purple but this eye shadow color is so lovely!!


This gift box comes with three lipstick too... The lipstick packaging is from plastic with a clear case and it kinda look cheap I think. The color has a shimmer finish when I put it on my lips but it felt really waxy and do not glides smoothly. This lipstick also makes my lips dry and do not stays long.... (I'm gonna update the swatch on my lips soon because I got super chapped lips right now)

Lip Gloss


The lip gloss has a pinkish purple color when I swatch it on my hand but it doesn't look that different when I swatch them on my bare lips. It doesn't felt heavy on my lips but since it's translucent on my lips it doesn't last long. 

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