Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Utterly Easy Golden Sphere Charm Bracelet

A few days ago I went to a local craft shop in Jogjakarta to see if there's something new and I saw this cute golden sphere thingy.

Aren't they cute??? So I bought them and thinking it would look really good if I made it into a charm bracelet. I only use one of the sphere because  if I use several of them it's gonna look too over the top. Here's the materials that I use:

Flat Needle

I use this needle thingy with a flat edges to make the sphere into a charm.

Golden Chain

I really like this golden chain because the chain ring are big and it's already looks great as it is.

Golden Ring

I really like the fact that there are several color of this ring because it used to be only in silver color, now they have in blue, white, pink, green and many other color. Anyway here's what the finished charm bracelet looks like...


Close Up on the Sphere

I got a matching golden clamp too!

Simple but really cute

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  1. That's genius! I love this sort of stuff! xx

  2. bagus kak, aku pengen bisa bikin craft kayak gini tapi ga pernah bisa telaten :D

    1. Thank U...
      Gelang ini bikinnya gampang dan cepet kok say!!

  3. Awww you did a great job with this! I think I would put some more to the chain! Hehehe :D big hugs <3

  4. To the charm I meant hehehe big hugs <3

    1. #LOL :D I've wanting to add another charm but I can't find any other type of charm in golden color and the other charm aren't as cute as this one.

  5. Wow, so awesome! I love how simple this looks but still stands out <3 xx Donah

  6. This is such a fantastic DIY!!! You are so good at it! :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  7. So cute!! I love DIYs they are such a great way to incorporate every day things into fashion items and turn them into beauties!
    Dee http://hautefrugalista.com
    GIG Co-Founder

    1. Cute right?? I want to make more of these but the golden sphere thingy are already sold out.

  8. Aaaa..suka ma gelang ini. uniq dan kreatif..


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