Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Komi Look Sunflower Lens (Blue)

Hei Hei.....

I just wanna share about this new softlens that I got about a month ago and loving it very much!!! It's Komi Look Lens and mine's is Sunflower Series in Blue color. Lately I haven't got another softlens for myself since I prefer to wear glasses because it's more convenient when I got back home at night I don't have to add more time to take care of the lenses.

Brand: Komi Look
Series: Sun Flower 
Lens Color: Blue
Water Content: 58%
Using Cycle Periods: 1 Year
Diameter: 18.00 mm
Center Thickness: 0.0200mm
Lenses Hardness: Soft

Yeah my eyesight are pretty bad I know.... This softlens comes in a small cute bottle with a pink label and also comes with this cute piggy lens case.

As the name suggest this lens has a flower pattern and what do you  think? Does it looks like Sunflower? The blue color of this lens tends toward a dark blue color.

This lens has a black ring on the outer side to make your eye look bigger and have that dolly look. At first I'm a bit afraid that this lens might be too big for me since it has 18 mm in diameter which is pretty big for me and I know that there are bigger lens diameter out there but I still haven't had the gut to try them.

I took the pictures in a room with artificial light and no flash and as you can see it looks big but it is not too big that it makes you look really weird. Unless you really want to achieve that doll look with super big eyes I guess.

Even though the color is dark blue I think the color really pops on my eye and it really look bright under the sunlight.

The longest time that I wear this softlens is from morning till evening and my eyes still feels comfortable which is awesome!! Because some softlens brands just isn't cut out for me and I got teary eyes just after 2 hours of wearing them but that's not the case with this softlens. This Komi Look Lens really feels comfortable and do not make my eyes dry, but off course I still have to rewet the softlens every once in a while when I use it all day just to make my eyes feels more comfortable.

- Pretty pattern
- Comfortable
- No teary eyes
- No dry eyes
- Nice color

- None

Gonna try another series

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