Sunday, January 12, 2014

DIY Bling Bling Necklace

Hey there!! I hope you're not bored yet from my multiple post of the day but this time I'm gonna show you how to make this pretty bling bling necklace. I first saw this necklace on iLook at Net TV and when I visit my friend Nela at Malang she has the same big bling bling beads like the one I saw on iLook so I ask her if she can give me some of hers. This necklace is quite easy to make and didn't take a lot of time too.

Big Beads (I usually saw this particular beads at craft store or sewing supplies store).
Jump Ring
Lobster Clasp


Aren't they pretty!! They are one sided so I have to combine two of the same beads so that it'll look like a gem. I don't need to use glue to combine them, just slide a jump ring on both of the beads hole.

I combine 3 pairs of the beads to make 3 gems and join them with a short gold chain. I think the golden colored chain fits better than the silver colored, it makes the necklace looks glamorous.

I made several short chain and join them at the bottom of the gem to make a short chain tassel.

Once the chain is inside the bottom jump ring it'll look like the picture above.

Add a desired chain length for the necklace and combine it with a lobster clasp and the bling bling necklace is done!!

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