Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Recipe: Orange Jelly Wedges

Hey!! Today I'm gonna share another easy recipe for you and it's gonna be a dessert. I first saw this when I went to Bandung earlier this and we eat at a small ramen restaurant called KUMA Ramen. I eat this spicy (but not so spicy) ramen and then I order a Sunkist Jelly for dessert because the name sounds interesting. After the jelly come I thought to myself that I can make it myself too! So cut to the chase and here's how I made it.

- Oranges
- Jelly Powder
- Sugar
- Water

- knife
- citrus juicer
- sauce pan
- spatula

How to Make:

1. Get a few oranges and wash them clean. I use 6 oranges.

2. Cut each oranges in half.

3. Using the citrus juice, squeeze those oranges. I like some pulp in my jelly so I took some pulps from the oranges. Scoop the leftover orange meat so the leftover orange cavity can be use as a jelly mold.

4. Put the jelly powder in the sauce pan (I use orange flavored jelly), add sugar (I didn't want it too sweet so I add about 5 tbsp of sugar) and add a mixture of water + orange juice according to the jelly powder instruction and cook to boil.

5. Put the jelly mixture inside the mold and let it cool down. After it's cool down put the jelly inside the fridge so you can eat it when it's nice and cold.

6. Once the jelly nice and cold cut the orange halves in three so that it'll look like orange wedges and enjoy!!

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  1. selalu punya resep yg menggoda utk dicoba :D and it's easy to make, thanks for share :*

    My Butterfly Fly Away

  2. hmmm Yummy!! Bikin ah buat anak2... :D

  3. Replies
    1. Pilih jenis yg kayak sunkist, yg kulitnya keras gitu


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