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Haul: December 2013


I know it's somewhat late to do a December Haul post but since I've already took the pictures I might as well blog about it right? Last December I didn't bought that many make-up or skin care (I think...) and tend to buy some fashion stuff. So here goes my December Haul fellas...  

Luxury Home Spa Haul:
I've been following Luxury Home Spa's IG for a while and I finally decided to buy their products. Their home spa products are free from dangerous chemical and the ingredients are also natural and food grade. I once left a bottle of the product open and it's covered by ants #LOL. The range of products that I bought from Luxury Home Spa are as follows.

White Face Spa that consists of:
- Daily Face Scrub
- Milk Face Scrub
- Milk Face Mask
- Day and Night Cream
(I especially like the mask and cream, it really make my face soft and smooth but unfortunately I have to stop using it for now because I can't be used on acne skin. #Sigh I had a renovation at my apartment and the dust breaks me out like crazy!!)

- Blueberry Brightening Cream
(It's in a set of two and I bought it to lighten the dark scar on my foot. I almost emptied the first jar and so far it hasn't really faded the scar but the scar texture does get smoother. I hope it'll get better when I reach the second jar although since I have another dark scar I think I have to buy another set. Oh and BTW the brightening cream can also be used on lips and it totally make my lips baby smooth!!)

- Body Scrub
(The scrub is in a set with the brightening cream and I suppose to use the scrub first and then the cream. The scrub has a powdered milk scent and the scrub particles are small which I really like)

Click the link below if you wanna get a look of the other products.

Inten's Corner Haul:
Yet another haul that I made on my favorite online shop Inten's Corner. I use Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence previously and it almost runs out, so when I saw that there's a galactomyces product on sale at Inten's Corner I decided to get my hands on it. Plus!! It's said to contain 100% Galactomyces!!

- All Lady Crystal Dew 7 Days Program 100 % Galactomyces
- Honey Bee's AC Control Soap (I got a full size freebies!!)

You can visit her shop at the links below.

QOO10 Haul:
I didn't know whether to put this on December Haul since I ordered it on November and it arrived after more than a month on December. But... Since I got them at December let's considered it in the December Haul list.

- Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cream SPF 30 PA++
(I've been wanting to try this product for so long but because it's kinda expensive I never bought it. Finally saw one on the affordable price so I grab it!).

- Bombi it Spring Hyaluronic CC Cream SPF 40 PA++
(It's on promotion price so I bought it too because it'll waste of shipping if I only bought one #LOL. Apparently it's from one of the company that's own by Samsung and it has similar texture and finish with the Banila Co. CC Cream but the price is only half!! Plus the size is also almost double the Banila one)

Drugstore Haul:

- L'oreal Extraordinary Oil
(This oil keeps getting out of stock everywhere!!)

- Pond's Overnight Pimple Care Gel
(My acne gel is running out and then I saw this for about 20k or so at the supermarket)

- Acnes Pore Strip
(IDK how many times I've bought it over and over again. See my review here )

Fashion Stuff Haul:

- Pull and Bear Oversize T-Shirt
- Pull and Bear Skull Socks. (YAY more skull items!! )

- Unbranded Small Skull Legging
- Gaudi Blue Skull Legging

Unbranded Knitted Skirt (It's only 25K!!)

3 Tutu Dress?!?!? 
(Yess... I Know it's a bit overkill but the dress was only IDR 25K each!! And since I've been wanting to have a tutu dress I figures I might go at it when I saw it. The fabrics are quite thin so I've been thinking of modifying them or maybe just use more layers.)

BTW when I think of tutu all I can remember is a picture of my niece wearing a tutu dress that I bought for her #LOL. Ain't she cute!!! image

- Cache-Cache White Blouse
- Cache-Cache Navy Blue Maxi Dress
(Both are on a discount price so I only spent about IDR 110K for two).

Two Pink Coco Wig
I got a B1G1F from Pinoko Beauty

So what do you think of my last December Haul?
Which one is your favorite?
Any request?

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  1. Wahhh tutu dressnya murah banget Sekar. Mauuuu hahaha. Cute dressnya ^_^

    1. Iyak murce bgt dressnya. Soalnya closing price

  2. love all the skull stuffs, i'm a huge skull lover too!

  3. adduuuhhh, keponakan cuuuu amaaaatttttt >.< pingin cubit hahahaaa, namanya siapaaaa?

    1. Iyaaa lutuuu kalo maen sama Ming Xia pasti seru deh. Namanya Mahandjani panggilannya Djani

  4. omigosh! Such a huge haul! I loved going through it and that maxi dress is GORG! I'm so glad I came across your beautiful blog.Will certainly visit it regularly now :)
    Also, I have an easy Valentine's Day Giveaway (Open Worldwide) running on my blog where you can win some stunning accessory pieces. I would really appreciate it if you could support me by entering it. Thanks in advance! ♥♥

    1. Thanks girl and great giveaway you're having!!


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