Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: Barbie Eye Princess Lace Green

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I've been wanting to make a review on this circle lens since last month but got a lot of delayed and the I can't seem to have a good connection for the past few days too. But finally!! After a wee bit complaining to the ISP they dispatched their maintenance worker and I can finally blog again. Soo.... Today's circle lens review is about Barbie Eye Princess Softlens in Green and I think there's probably a lot of review on this particular lenses because it's one of the popular circle lens brand but here's what I though about the lenses.

Manufacture: Barbie Eye
Type: Princess
Country: China
Diameter: 17.5 mm
Water Content: 42-45%
Lifetime: 12 Months
Color: Black, Chocolate, Green, Blue, Violet, Grey and Brown
Degree: Usually available until -8.00

Barbie Eye lenses comes in a glass bottle with aluminum sealed, normally I prefer this type of packaging because I can buy only one bottle if one of the lenses is ruined. Although lately some brand also release their lenses in individual blister packaging too. The only problem I had with bottle packaging is that the seal is sometimes hard to open and I tend to hurt my finger while opening it.

The green isn't very dominant in this lens because the lace pattern is too dominating and since my eyes are black I don't think the green color would show that much,

Like its name Barbie Eye Princess Lace has a very beautiful lace pattern. The black lace pattern on the outer lens circle makes my eyes looks bigger. But then again with 17.5mm in diameter my eyes is definitely gonna look bigger right?

With 17.5mm in diameter the lenses makes my eyes bigger and definitely got that dolly eyes look.

Since Barbie Eye Princess is quite thin, it's very comfortable to wear and I've been able to wear it for more than 8 hours. Although I do feel that the Barbie Eye Diamond is slightly more comfortable even though both have the same diameter and thickness. I can wear the Diamond up until 12 hours without any discomfort.


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