Monday, January 13, 2014

Review: Soapberry Misa Jade Soap

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Tonight I'm gonna post a review that is also long overdue. I've been thinking of posting it but somehow didn't get to do it. It's a soap that has been helping me in fighting acne but at the same time it doesn't dries my skin because I do heard a lot that you cannot wash your face with soap right? But I guess this is not an ordinary soap he he he... I've been using the soap for about three months now and only left a tiny bit. The picture in this post was taken quite some time ago to and they still has my old blog watermark and since I'm a beginner at editing pictures I can only do so much #LOL.

The soap was sent to me by Lynda the owner of Britziee Love Shop and she imported this soap directly from Taiwan. Supposedly this soap is one of the best selling beauty soap in Taiwan. I've visited the website on the soap but since the website itself is in Chinese (or Taiwanese?) I can't know much but from the picture on the web and advertisement this soap has receive a lot of award and have been put in a lot of Taiwan beauty program on TV. Aside from the soap the brand also has other products such as shampoo, hand soap, dish soap, detergent any other household goods that was made from Soapberry.

Well.. It's a soap so I don't expect much from the packaging. There's the product name on the front with a picture of the Soapberry and I think it was the product description, ingredients and size on the back.

The Soap:
The soap is quite big (100 gr) and Lynda said that I shouldn't use the soap whole since it melts easily so I only use about a quarter each time and keep the rest of the soap in my drawer. There's the soap name I think engraved on the middle of the soap. My first impression is how I love the scent of the soap, it's smell herbally but it's a nice scent. When I try to lather it it feels very creamy and the foam itself is also very smooth and creamy and felt really nice when I put the foam on my skin. My skin use to get quite dry and tight after I use facial wash but this soap leaves a nice supple and fresh feeling on my skin . I totally love it!!

My Thoughts:
  • I use the soap for about three months so that means only one soap bar last quite a long time don't you think?
  • The soap has a nice aroma which I love.
  • It doesn't makes my skin dries or tight and in fact it makes my skin supple and fresh.
  • If I have a nasty breakout the soap helps calms my skin and reduce redness.
  • It helps lessen the appearance of acne.
  • It helps in controlling sebum.
  • Didn't clogged my pore.
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  1. Racuuuuun banget mba :0 sumpaaah pinging ikutan beli..

    1. Mampir aja ke OL Shopnya, aku sih biasanya beli Jegging di dia. Tapi sekarang lagi dilema mau juga sama hair clipnya. Loh.. Jadi curcol hehe


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