Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crochet Heart Snowflake

Greetings fellow crochet lover!!

Sorry I haven't post anything crochet in a while, I've been a bit addicted in beauty blogging activity, plus I haven't crochet anything too....

Today's pattern is called Cold Heart Flake and it's actually a hanging ornament for a valentine's day theme but I make it into a necklace instead. Although it does seem a bit big doesn't it??

I made this using crochet steel hook #4 (2.5 mm) and local cotton yarn. I'm having a hard time in making this heart snowflake, especially the heart shape part. This is also my first attempt on blocking a crochet applique so the heart snowflake is not as stiff as I wanted to.

This pattern is created by Snowcatcher and she posted it in her "Snowflake Monday" post. If you like snowflake pattern then you should definitely visit her blog. She has a lot of interesting crochet snowflake pattern.

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  1. lucuuuuuuuuuu.. mbok aku diajarin -____-"
    td di sunmor ada yg jual boneka rajutan njuk dibikin kalung n gantungan kunci, lucu deh!


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