Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tutorial: Repair Broken Eye Shadow

Morning fellas...

Today I'm gonna share a tutorial on how I repair my broken eye shadow. I got this method from browsing around the internet and youtube and decided to do a post about it.

So several weeks ago I saw an ad from looxmarket that a MUA Undressed eye shadow pallette is being sold and it's brand new too. I texted the seller and luckily it's still available so I bought it.

After a few days the package arrive at my place but unfortunately when I open the package one of the eye shadow is broken.

As you can see almost all the eye shadow from the top right is scattered all over the palette. I was disappointed at first because the seller wrapped the package nice and tight and she even put a fragile notice on the package but the eye shadow is still damaged. After pondering for a while about the eye shadow I suddenly remember that I've seen somewhere about someone who repair her broken blusher and thinking the same method can be use to repair the eye shadow. 

Since the eye shadow particles are scattered everywhere in the palette and making a total mess inside, I did all I can to gather all of the particles and luckily there are still quite a lot of them that I can gather.

After I gather all the eye shadow particles all I need is an alcohol to pressed the eye shadow with.

Just put a bit of the alcohol an the eye shadow carefully as not to spill, just enough to make a sort of mushy messy liquidy swirl. Just remember the more alcohol you put the longer it takes to dry.

Mix the eye shadow and the alcohol together.

Using the spatula I try to distribute the eye shadow evenly in the palette.

This is the best look that I can possibly get.

After 24 hour the eye shadow is completely hard and ready to use.

The palette is a mess so I did my best to clean it up, there's a bit of eye shadow particles here and there and it was so hard to remove. Anyway here's my experience on repairing broken eye shadow, hope this will helps.


  1. nice tips :)
    too bad the palette is broken >_<

  2. I know.. I'm pretty bumped back then but luckily I was able to salvage most of it.

  3. Suka sama tutorialnya mbak...
    Makasih lhoo... jadi tau cara mberesin eyeshadow yang retak2 berantakan gr2 sering jatuh hehehe

  4. Sama-sama..... Semoga bisa sehat kembali eye shadownya hehe

  5. Sabrina TedjokusumaJanuary 3, 2013 at 3:36 PM

    Lucunya di foto 2 dari bawah ada tulisan 'new' pas di eyeshadow yang habis di betulin ;)

  6. Di atas juga ada kok, aku kan belinya emang masih baru say. Cuma pecah di jalan gitu eye shadownya. Stikernya gag dicopot karena lengket banget.

  7. Sabrina TedjokusumaJanuary 3, 2013 at 4:17 PM

    Iya kak... Tapi yang terakhir itu efeknya kayak --> Taraaaaa~ Baru lagi~ <3 Hihihi....

  8. Beli dimana?? AKu pengen juga tp males PO. ada CP nya? Thank you..

  9. Sebetulnya aku sudah tulis di atas kalau belinya di Looxmarket via twitternya looxperiments kalau ol shopnya aku kurang tahu


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