Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tutorial: DIY Mineral Veil (Translucent Powder)

Actually I'm not sure what to call this tutorial since there are quite a few name for this but most of them have the DIY theme of making your own translucent powder or mineral loose powder. My initial idea on making this loose face powder is to make my face powder to have more oil control. 

Most of any available loose face powder have corn starch in it and since I have one available I just add it in my powder mixture. Since adding corn starch in the mixture will make the powder too white I add a darker color mineral foundation to the mixture. I'm gonna show the general mixture for this DIY Translucent Powder and I also gonna show you on how I make mine.

- For Powder: Baby Powder, Corn Starch
- For Color: Cocoa Powder, Powder Mineral Foundation
- Empty containert

I use my existing face loose powder that's almost runs out. Some people use baby powder but I don't want to use it since I think it's dangerous to inhale baby powder; the tiny particles could enter the lungs, possibly leading to inflammation, scarring, and disease.

After that I add corn starch in this mixture but only about 1/4 - 1/3 of the total mixture because too much corn starch because if I'm not mistaken it will lead to clogged pore. Some other recipe use the combination of corn starch and baby powder and some use pure corn starch.

To add color to the mixture I add a darker shade of mineral powder foundation, while other recipe use cocoa powder to add color.

Keep adding the powder foundation or cocoa powder until you reach your preferable color and your DIY Mineral Veil is done. This powder can make your face stays dry and non greasy. 

If you're using only corn starch please make sure that you cleans your face thoroughly otherwise it will leads to clogged pore and obviously you don't want it to happen right? You can also add a few drops of essential oils to the mixture if you want your powder to smells nice.


  1. cocoa? hmm *_* kalo dipake jd gatel2 ngga ya di muka?

  2. kalo yg aku bikin ini sih enggak, loose powder kan memang ada corn starch di dalamnya. Tapi kalo yg pake cocoa powder belum coba.

  3. wahh boleh dicoba nih di rumah! anyway thx dah sharing yaa .. nice post ^^ I follow u now.. kapan" maen" ke blog q yaaw ^^


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