Monday, January 7, 2013

1st Impression: Skinlite Green Tea Essence Mask

I don't really like using sheet mask because I have to stood still while wearing it and it's a bother to just lay down for 20 minutes. But..... Since this was on promo of buy 2 get 1 I'm thinking that it was a pretty good bargain too... This one is $1.5 (IDR 15.000) a piece.

Skinlite Green Tea Essence Mask is useful for lifting and ultra-hydrating results. Enriched with Vitamin E, Phyto Collagen & Green Tea Extract helps lift and hydrate in 15-20 minutes. The mask has special formula that helps retain more moisture and improve elasticity and suppleness after use. It's hypo allergenic and no animal testing.

How to Use:
1. Open packet and unfold mask pulling on flaps.
2. Press gently with finger-tips to set in place over face.
3. Leave on for 15-20 minutes.
4. Remove mask and massage excess product into skin. Do not rinse off.

The mask comes all folded up and drenched in essence although it doesn't drips everywhere. It has an herbally scent rather than the scent of green tea that I was expecting. I put the leftover essence inside the sachet to my neck and hands. There are many slits in this mask so I thought that it would be more adjustable but it turns out to be annoying to place on my face. It barely even cover my nose and it has those flaps for the eyes too. I'm guessing it was suppose to cover my eyes too but it turns out really annoying for me. I don't I think the mask just doesn't fit my face shape.

The first feels from this mask was that it cool and refreshing, and after 20 minutes I didn't have any reaction to the mask, no itch or anything. After I took the mask off my face feel smoother, brighter, and was more hydrated - so I guess it did a good job. Although I'm not sure about the "lifting" or skin elasticity, but indeed my face felt more hydrated and looked brighter.  

My Likes:
- has brightening and hydrating effects.
- convenient and no need to rinse.

My Dislikes:
- the mask doesn't fit my face well and it's hard to put on with the annoying slit.
- have to buy online

Where to Buy?
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  1. Hi, I'm moving back to Indonesia soon. I lived in Malaysia currently. I usually got my skinlite facial mask stock from sasa. I've been looking around on web where this can be purchase when I lives in indonesia soon. Can u tell me where u buy this dan kalau ongkos kirim ke indonesia itu kira2 berapa, makasih :) have a good day :)

    1. Hi Mega, thx 4 visiting my blog. I bought this mask from and usually wait for their free shipping promo.Hi


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