Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Haul

Finally.... After another yet internet bust connection I finally be able to make this post. Since it's almost the end of January I wanted to post about my January Haul. I kinda bought a lot of stuff this January since there are a huge lot of discount everywhere!! So most of the stuff that I bought this month are in reduced price!! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Guardian Haul

Guardian has a huge discount for a variety of their product along this January so I bought most of my stuff from there this month.

I got this Pure Baby Wipes for IDR 18.900 ($ 1.89) and I think it has a 20% discounted price.

This Dove go fresh Nourishing Body Wash in Cucumber and Green Tea Scent in 400 ml bottle was only IDR 12.900 ($ 1.29). It's almost half of its original price.

Well Marck's Loose Powder aren't in discounted price but since mine's already emptied I bought another one in Cream and Rose. Forgot the price though... It was around IDR 7.000 - 9000 ($ 0.7 - 0.9) I think.

My usual body mist are almost half empty so I bough this Yves Laroche Body Splash in Fruity Pear scent. I think it was IDR 51.900 in 200 ml bottle and it was 20% off.

I use body lotion and body butter quite a lot for the past month since my skin is pretty dry lately and since this Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Whitening and Even-Tone Lotion is also in a discounted price I just grab it from the shelves. It was IDR 29.900 ($2.99) in 400 ml pump bottle (35% off YAY!! (。♥‿♥。))

I know I already bought a shower cream but this Palmolive Aromatherapy Morning Tonic Shower Gel is only IDR 44.900 ($ 4.49) in 750 ml pump bottle!! I mean it's half the original price!!

I bought this Maybelline Clear Smooth B.B Stick in Natural because I'm curious and it's kinda perfect for travelling too!! It was IDR 58.900 ($ 5.89) and I think it's the full price??

This Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Mask was only IDR 24.900 ($ 2.49) in a 150 ml jar. Too bad I only got one of this mask because it's the only one left, but still since it's the last one I feel kinda lucky. The mask is also half of its original price.

Actually I forget how much I got this Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Treatment Spray but I think I got it around IDR 30.000 ($3) or so but it was the discounted price though.

Local Beauty Store Haul

I bought all of these stuff from local favorite beauty store in Jogjakarta which is Toko Mutiara.

Yes.... I know... There's already another body lotion from Vaseline. The reason I bought this Nivea UV Whitening Advance Moisture Care Lotion because there was a promo where I got a beauty bag and pantyliner so I think it was a bargain (≧ω≦). Forgot the price though....

Ahh... Yet another hair mask product that I bought. Previously I tried Inaura Hair Nutrient in Blackberry and Cinnamon and my hair seem to loving it, so I bought another variant in Soya. This hair mask has unbelievably nice scent and it was only IDR 17.000 ($ 1.7) in 500 ml jar!! I got 15% off from the original price of IDR 20.000 ($ 2).

My friend told me that Aubeau Eye Make-Up Base has a great quality and can be compare with other famous eye base. I got a 10% off of this from IDR 29.000 ($ 2.9) to IDR 26.100 ($ 2.61).

I prefer to scrub my skin using salt and luckily I saw this A Bonne Miracle Spa Milk Shower Salt. It contains milk protein, glutathione and tomato extract that's good for skin whitening. I don't really care about the whitening effect though but this shower salt seem interesting. I was afraid that this was an unbranded product at first but I've already check at and this shower salt is listed in the web. The shower salt is IDR 40.000 ($ 4) in 350 gr tube packaging.

Stuff I Bought from Online Shop

These stuff are actually some of the stuff that I pre ordered before and arrive this month. I forgot the exact online shop though....

I was always curious about Holika Holika Miracle Real Skin Finish and I finally got one. I actually have ordered this product from qoo10 before but after two month I didn't receive my order ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ so I get a refund instead. This product gives me an instant nice luminous skin and good for when I don't want to use bb cream but still wants my skin to look healthy. I think I got this one from Drolly Pop Shop.

I ordered this two NYX Retractable Eye Liner from Cherry Culture PO via 27 Shop and I think it was discounted into $ 2.5 (IDR 25.000).

I always wanted this Real Technique Face Expert Brush but don't really wanna to Pre-Order it and one day I saw this brush being sold at an online shop. I think it was IDR 130.000 or so. If I'm not mistaken this one is from Make Up Brush.

I bought this NYX Round Lipstick in Strawberry Milk but unfortunately it was too pale for me. I think I'm gonna put it in my blog sale.

For some reason my skin is really sensitive and red this month. This mask has really helps calm my skin and reduce the redness in my skin. Too bad it has to be used 2 months from when it was open so I can't keep the mask for later use. I got the lipstick and mask from Rie Butik.

I'm a mask addict so I bought another mask again.... Got this Skinfood Papaya Yogurt Mask Wash Off for IDR 65.000 ($ 6.5) I think. This one is also from Drolly Pop.

Stuff I Bought from The Body Shop

Last month and earlier this year my mom bought some stuff from The Body Shop and she got two IDR 100.000 ($ 10) voucher from The Body Shop which I took (∩▂∩)

After I bought this Body Shop Rainforest Radiance Detangling Spray for Coloured Hair I just realized that I've already bought the same type of product from Schwarzkopf #slapped  ٩(×̯×)۶. Anyway the retail price for this spray is IDR 119.000 ($ 11.9).

This Body Shop Pure Natural Lip Roll-On in Rose was retail for IDR 89.000 ($ 8.9) but I think I got it for IDR 65.000 ($ 6.5). This lip roll-on is my favorite product for this month, it gives my lips a nice sheen and it tastes sweet too!!

I bought this Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Body Lotion to match the Body Mist with the same scent. The retail price is IDR 139.000 ($ 13.9) and yessss..... I bought more body lotion!! (☞゚∀゚)☞

This Body Shop Tea Tree Concealer is perfect to cover my acne, blemish marks and under eye. The retail price is IDR 99.000 ($ 9.9).

My skin is really bad for the past month and I don't know why, maybe it's because the weather is weird lately and my skin can't really adjust with the weather change. I have some little zits here and there and hopefully this Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash can helps my skin. The retail price is IDR 89.000 ($ 8.9).

Stuff I Bought from Silkygirl

I bought this stuff while I was hanging out with Puput and although I only wanted to buy one eyeliner I ended up with all of these (o´ω`o)

I actually got this Silkygirl Pure Fresh 2-Way Foundation for free from Silkygirl. This month they had a promo where when you spent IDR 50.000 ($ 5) or more you can pick an "angpao" and there will be a price inside of it whether a free product, 10% off, 15% off and more.

Never tried a pink eyeliner before so this Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in #05 Candy Pink looks really tempting. It's IDR 35.000 ($ 3.5).

I saw Puput wearing this eye liner and I want one too!! It's really easy too glide and has an intense black color. The only downside is you have to be careful not to let the eye liner out too long because you can't twist it back in!! The retail price is IDR 35.000 ($ 3.5).

After searching for Face on Face Blusher in Blooming Rose everywhere and came up empty I bought this Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in Rose Petal which roughly have the same color. The shimmer are not too shimmery and it comes with a nice soft brush too!! The retail price is IDR 50.000 ($ 5) but I got 15% off from the "angpao".

Stuff I Bought from Intenscorner and Other Shop

This month I also pre-order stuff from Intenscorner and bought a Kabuki Brush from Toko Dian.

This kabuki brush is only IDR 15.000 ($ 1.5) and it has a really nice soft bristle. I love to use it with loose powder.

After I got confuse I bought all three color of Tony Moly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint. This lip tint gives a nice color to my lips without making lips dry and it stays for hours too!!

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  1. wow banyakknya.. schwarzkopf yg mask dan spraynya lumayan menarik nih ^^ hehe.. di seluruh guardian ada kah? ditunggu reviewnya yah kak :D

  2. errr iya. aku rada lupa diri bulan ini... produk Schwarzkopf ada kok di seluruh Guardian setahu aku.

  3. Sabrina TedjokusumaJanuary 30, 2013 at 10:47 PM

    Ditunggu kak review lip tintnya~

  4. Sabrina TedjokusumaJanuary 30, 2013 at 10:47 PM

    Di ciworld kapane aku keliatan kok Shel :)

  5. Iyaw... Udah aku pake2 sih tapi males fotonya hehe

  6. papaya mask nya beli dimanaa? murah sekalii hihihi

  7. req-uest re-view hair care dari schwarzkopf

  8. ka belanjaannya banyak bangeeeett

  9. lupa beli dimana karena nemu pas googling

  10. kak.. maybelline bb stick nya jogja beli dmn?
    di mutiara ga ada..

    1. Tuh kan di atas udah aku tulis "Guardian Haul". Belinya di Guardian aku, tapi di Galeria juga ada.


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