Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crochet Octopus Necklace

I'm sure some of you would think that octopus is kinda weird for a necklace, but you'll be surprised on how many people think that my necklace is interesting. I think it's cute, edgy, and weird but that's why I like it. I made the necklace a few years back and forget where I get the pattern from. Fortunately I finally find the blog where I get this pattern form. The original pattern for this necklace is called Octopus Neck Charm and it was created by Midnight Knitter.

My necklace is a bit different with since I prefer to use chain for the necklace and only make the octopus as a pendant. I also don't have a bulkier yarn so I use a slightly smaller hook (3 mm) than the original one which use 3.5 mm hook. The necklace is really quick and easy to make and I think it would look cute on childrens too! If you want to make this lovely octopus charm you can visit here.

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