Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st Impression: The Skinfood Gold Kiwi Serum, Cream, and Sun Cream

Happy New Year everyone!! 

It's my first post of this year and it's gonna be a quick review or maybe a first impression to be exact. It's about the Gold Kiwi Whitening series from The Skinfood. I have several sample of this product and decided to try it for a few days.

Taken from The Skinfood Website:
There is a secret about gold kiwi in New Zealand. New Zealanders eat gold kiwis without peeling them off in order not to miss out their nutritional effects. Skinfood has newly discovered a substance found in the gold kiwis's skin, incorporating it into the skincare line - Gold Kiwi, helps restore your sun-damaged skin from deep under.

The Skinfood Gold Kiwi Serum

This serum has a semi transparent color, the texture is like a runny lotion so I have to be careful when putting the serum in my hand. I usually rub the serum between my palm and pat the serum to my face. It has a fruity scent but not too overwhelming and quick to absorbs too. Some serum leaves my skin feels a bit sticky and oily but it's not the case with this serum, after I use it my face feels moisture and fresh and not sticky. A sachet last me for about 3 days and I use it twice a day. This serum also do no break me out, usually when I'm not compatible with a certain skin care it breaks me out after 3 days or so.

The Skinfood Gold Kiwi Cream

The cream is very rich and has a milky white color. Just a small portion is enough to cover my face because if I put it too much my face will gets a bit oily. I use less of this cream during the day because I layer my face again with the sun cream, otherwise my face will feels a bit oily. For this cream to absorbs completely I have to wait for several minutes otherwise it will feels sticky when I layer my face, not a problem though since I kinda like smelling the kiwi scent. A sachet last me for about 3 days and I use it twice a day. After 3 days this cream also do not make me break out.

The Skinfood Sun Cream

The sun cream is the most creamy of all the Gold Kiwi Line. It has a white milky color and a pleasant kiwi scent like the other. Since I tend to put more sunblock, a sachet only goes for a day and half. So for 3 days I use 2 sachet of this sun cream. The sun cream took a few minutes to absorbs and leave my face surprisingly glowy. My face tends too looks oily after I put on sun cream (maybe because I put on a tad too much) but surprisingly this sun cream makes my face look fresh. This sun cream has SPF 36 which I think is enough because the difference from SPF 36 and SPF 50 are about 6 minutes longer if I'm not mistaken, so why bother right?? After 2 sachet this sun cream also do not break me out. Maybe I'm gonna buy this Gold Kiwi Line after my Tomato Line empties.

Have you try this Gold Kiwi line?
What do you think?
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  1. I ever used Skinfood Gold kiwi too, I like the serum as well. But I was using it in the night because this line is way too rich for my oily skin. But sure this one is worth to try

    Nice review^^


  2. that's why I'm using it as less as possible, it's very rich.


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