Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lacy Crochet Earrings

Just wanna share another pattern for crochet earring that I found while blog walking. The earring is called Lacy Crochet Earrings that's created by Shirley at her blog Warm Fuzzies, too bad she doesn't updated her blog again for a some years now. Anyway this earrings are also fairly easy to make so even a beginners can make it, it doesn't took a long time and only use a few scraps of yarn. I've been thinking of making this earrings with a leftover yarn that I've been collecting so the earrings gonna have several different colors but maybe it's gonna look weird?? 

Here's what I use in making the earrings:
- steel crochet hook #4 (2.5 mm)
- local cotton yarn
- earring hook
- hair spray for blocking

The creator of this earrings use corn starch spray to block the earrings but since making a corn starch spray is a bother I prefer to use hair spray. The blocking method is use to keep the crochet stays in its shape. My method is very easy, just pin the earrings, spray some hair spray, let it dry, and voila your earrings is blocked.

If you want to make this earring you can visit Pernak Pernik Sekar.

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