Wednesday, October 24, 2012

MakeupNista Challenge October: Halloween

Good afternoon....

Today I made up my mind to do makeupnista challenge for this month which is Halloween. I wanted to do it since this morning but nothing have been going well, I got sidetracked by some silly stuff. But finally!! After pondering on what to do or what to make for this challenge I made up my mind!!

Soo... When you think of Halloween you obviously thinking of some scary stuff right?? Of course I did too... But I just can't made up my mind. I have several idea such as...

1. Clown

Image taken from here

I hate clown!! They made me uncomfortable and they are not funny at all. I mean.. Who the hell thinks that clowns are funny!! They have freakishly white skin, sinister smile, weird hair, oversize shoes, and ugly sense of fashion. I always hate clown and I even hate them more when I saw Stephen King's movie of "It" where the villain is a clown. Wanna know what "it" looks like??

Image taken from here
So now you still like clowns??? I love horror movie but clowns scare the sh*t out of me!! And since I don't like them I think it will be to hard for me to do clown make-up. I think I'm gonna scare myself.

2. Asian Horror Character

Image taken from here

My second idea is I'm gonna do a ghost make-up from those Asian Horror movie. You know.. With their long black hair, pale white skin, bloody face, white gown and all that. Kinda looks like these....

Image taken from here

or these....

Image taken from here
But I scraped those idea too because I don't have white foundation or powder and buying those stuff for the purposes of making the make-up challenge is such a hassle. Yeah.. I know... I'm lazy... But..... I finally get a third idea!!

Broken Doll

I know right?? Broken doll?? There's nothing scary at all about a broken doll. Dolls are cute!! A lot of people even make themselves to look like a doll. I got this idea when I watch The River TV series, in the series a group of people are searching for their lost one in the Amazon jungle, and in this jungle they found a tree that has a lot of dolls hanging in its vine/

Image taken from here
Pretty disturbing huh?? Just you wait a bit and the scene will change to this..

Image taken from here
Yupp... That one is pretty scary alright. So after watching that I'm thinking of doing a make-up that looks like a broken doll, kinda looks like a broken porcelain doll. Although a porcelain doll by itself is already scary #IMHO. 

Dunno if it's scary enough though, I'm bad at making scary faces. Did it look like I'm having a crack on my face though?? By the way this is the first time I'm wearing fake lashes and it was super heavy!! I'm having a hard time opening my eyes. Here's what I use in making this look...

- Revlon beyond natural smoothing primer
- Maybeline clear smooth concealer
- Artistry foundation
- Marcks loose powder
- Imortal TWC
- Etude House golden ratio contour maker
- Bourjois blusher

- Chi-Chi eyeshadows
- My darling liquid liner
- Silkygirl long wearing eyeliner
- Etude House drawing eyebrow
- Silkygirl HD mascara

- Ocean soda pop lipbalm
- Sunkissed lipstick

- I did my wave using Tsuyagla

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  1. wuaaa.. keyeeen.. ngeri deh liat living doll nya, pas turun lagi kaget juga liat hasil makeup nya...
    medeni deh ses >o<
    living barbie doll? kekeke

  2. kereeeeeeen kak, keren keren! ga kaya punya aku, gatot..........*jedukin kepala*

  3. serem yak boneka2 digantung gitu di pohon

  4. He he you are too cute hon..!! #LOL

  5. waaaakkkss keren!!!

  6. baguusssss idenya... kereeeenn.. =)

  7. thx... tadinya merasa gagal buat tapi yasudahlah diposting saja.

  8. sereeeemmmmm.. *tutupmata...cium..kabur* kerennn kak.. :*

  9. waaa mirip sama punya nya bubzbeauty ^^ you should watch her halloween video if you haven't :D IMHO, mungkin next time crack nya perlu dibikin agak natural & spt vas yg pecah. klo yg di foto crack nya jd mirip sama laba2 hehe ^^ nice post btw ;)

  10. Tq, walo rada gagal nih retaknya

  11. Aku belum liat, thx infonya xiao vee. He'eh retaknya gag sukses, mknya aku komentar di post tuh. Nenti liat videonya bubz ahhh

  12. creepy >,,< but nice!


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