Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Favorites


Since it's the last day in October I'm gonna post about my favorite stuff of this month and also my regret if I have any.

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Dark Brown
I'm really bad a doing my eyebrow and this product is great. The color is perfect too!!

The Body Shop Body Bitter Dreams Unlimited
I looovveee this body butter and the smell lingers pretty long too!! I mostly wear this in the afternoon or before bed.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
My skin has been acting up lately since the weather is really hot and I'm sweating like crazy. This facial wash works great on preventing more acne and I use it along with my C+M Pore Control Cleansing Gel depends on my skin condition.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
I use it in my home made toner and home made cleansing oil concoction.

Nivea Sun Moisturizing Sunblock SPF 30
This sunblock do wonders without that weird sticky feeling.

Masami Shouko Flat Top
I usually prefer to wear beauty sponges but this brush turns out pretty great.

Cyleina Organic Kojic Soap
I bought several of Philippines beauty soap and all of them are kojic soap. Hopefully it will even out my skin tone and some dark pigmentation on my leg. So far this soap has lighten the pigmentation although it hasn't completely gone.

Unfortunately I have one regrets for this month which  is:

The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Home Fragrance Oil
At first I really like this fragrance but after I use it several timer the smell makes me dizzy. Dunno why?!!?

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  1. I love all TBS tea tree products :) glad that the facial wash and oil work great for you~ btw, if you don't mind please read about xmas swap (indonesia only) at my blog ^^

  2. I usually use TSF Tea Tree series since it's more wallet-friendly but since it's in a discounted price I've figured why not?
    Your X-mas swap look interesting.

  3. i wondering how TBS dream unlimited's scent like .. and how much does masami souko flat top brush cost? it's look like sigma F80 for me ..

  4. Errr I'm bad at describing scent, maybe you can go to TBS counter to find out. Masami flat top is IDR 88.900, you can look it up at my Masami Shouko Haul post.

  5. masami shouko nya udah pernah di review belum yah? kalo belum mau request~ hehe kalo bisa dibandingin sama brush kamu yang lain yaaa (banyak maunya).. oia mau tanya itu brush nya sintetik kan ya?

  6. belom direview semua,masih males hehehe
    yup sintetik say

  7. Nice fave things... Jeng Sekar ini penggemar the body shop to ternyata^^

  8. itu hasil haul body shop pas diskon, biasanya jarang beli


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