Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My First Philippines Beauty Products Haul

Good day beautiful people!!

It's yet again another super hot day in Jogjakarta, I kinda forget when was the last time it was raining. Although last is pretty cold and I have to curled up behind my blanket, I wake up in sweat because it is so hot in the morning. At first I wanted to fast today and tomorrow since the day after tomorrow is Idul Adha but my gastric acid is acting up so I have to cancel that plan. 

Anyway from the picture above you can see that I did another haul. Yup... I did a lot of haul this month and my wallet is crying right because it's hungry #LOL. I ended up buying this stuff because I've been poison by my friend Inten, she told me that the Philippines kojic acid soaps are awesome!! I've heard a lot that kojic acid is really good to lighten your skin tone and it's used in a lot of whitening products. But main reason why I'm interested in this soap is not because I wanted to look whiter than I am now but because I want to even out my skin tone and reduce some of the dark pigmentation in my skin. The pigmentation are mostly in my arms and legs and it's mostly from bug bites (hate those mosquitoes!!!).

I got all these soap from Baterflai Tat shop, Inten said that she sells a lot of Phillippines products and they are ready stock. Here's what I bought:

Cycleina Organic Kojic Soap

I got this for IDR 70.000 ($7), the reason I'm interested in this soap is because the package is cute and it's pretty big too!!

It's bright orange and bigger than my palm. I have to cut it in several pieces before using it. 

Bevi Kojic Acid Soap

It's super big (140 gr) and the cheaper than the other two kojic soap, I got this at IDR 50.000 ($5).

It's big and bulky and I think it's better to cut this soap too before using it.

Kojic Soap with Glutathione

I got this for IDR 80.000 ($8), it is pretty big too (135 gr).

It's pretty big too and hopefully it won't be too hard to cut.

I got a small bonus too from the soap.

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  1. wowww.. ngefek di kulit nggak dear? hehehe ditunggu ripiu nya..

  2. ditunggu reviewnyaaa sekar ^_^ penasaran sama si kojic ^_^

  3. Baru pake yg cyleina, so far pigmentasi di betisku lmyn memudar tapi karena dia exfoliate bgt jd agak kering. Body lotion/butter is a must


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